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How much do you spend on a date?

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    How much do you spend on a date?

    I went out on an awesome date last Friday in center city Philadelphia, the girl was cool and I'm hoping this turns into something.. just out of curiosity what do you spend on a date typically? I picked up the entire tab without blinking an eye. The dinner was $76 with tip, then afterwards we went out for dessert at a restaurant which cost $27 with tip. Then a round of drinks for $20. Am I crazy to spend this on a date? Just want to get everybody's opinions. FYI I am 29 make a pretty solid salary, none of these things broke my bank, it might mean I won't be buying some clothes I want at the moment, but oh well


    Sounds pretty reasonable to me, although I'm in NYC so I've become a little numb to spending exorbitant amounts. I'm a full tab picker-upper as well, so if I do go on a legit date (not just a "let's meet up" while we're out thing), I expect to drop some coin.

    27, NYC, make plenty



      I'm not sure there is really a set amount, but i also think you don't want to make it seem like you are just throwing money at them. (Not saying you did).

      A never mind picking up the first date entirely, but if by the second or third date if the girl hasn't at least tried to pay for something it's a pretty good clue I don't want a relationship with them. (Not that they have to pay, but they should make a concerted effort to try)



        It depends on the situation. I've had awesome dates cost almost nothing and disastrous ones north of 200. It depends on the girl, the time of year, lots come into play.

        The good thing about being a guy is that you can control the tone of the date (to an extent). You're almost like a QB, read and react!



          First - coffee or something cheap like that, offer to pay but don't insist

          Beyond that - pay if the destination was your idea/invitation. I wouldn't continue dating someone who didn't insist on covering the bill as well - doesn't need to match dollar-for-dollar, but should be some reasonable level of exchange.

          Edit: also, never ever go on a big, expensive date early on to try and impress someone. Just sets up the wrong expectations.



            I dont think theres a standard amount as a date can be any number of things ranging from free to very expensive. If you mean something like a dinner and night out specifically, I live in Toronto and the average for a nice dinner is about $100-$125. Drinks at a bar or the like will easily run close to $20 per round. Dessert would be about the same as yours was. It is not strange to spend as much as you did but you likely dont want to do that every date. Mix in some fun or romantic adventures that are more creative as things progress. Its more about paying attention to things she might enjoy and making them happen than spending a ton of money on her.



              In DC, a typical first date is just some drinks/wine or whatever. Maybe a snack. Probably around $50-60.

              Any dinner style date with drinks is typically closer to the $100-$120 range.


              2 entrees $18-$25 each

              4 glasses of wine - $9-$12 each

              On the high end:

              Assuming the higher numbers, 10% tax, and 20% tip, you're at around $130 without any dessert or appetizers.

              Obviously lower key meals like pizza and beer, etc are much cheaper. A recent date only cost me around $50 ( shared pizza, salad, 2 drinks ).



                I'd say it's a lot for a first date. I wouldn't go over 40-50 for a first date $80-$90 for dinner further down the road.

                For those in DC, anyone been to Thai X-ing? Great place to take a date. Little kitchen set up in a guy's basement. VERY casual, eclectic atmosphere, PHENOMONAL food, BYOB, and a very reasonable 40-45/person for a metric shit tonne chef's menu.

                Dress for style, live for results.



                  @tomservo---SHHHH! Don't tell people about Thai X-ing. It's a well-kept secret. Haha...seriously though, that is a great date place.

                  I'd agree that a night out with dinner, drinks, dessert, etc. easily runs over $100 in DC. Also, for what it's worth, I think it's always a fun idea to cook a meal together for maybe a third or fourth date, particularly if you both enjoy a good meal. Rather than spending $100 out, spend $50-75 bucks on great ingredients and wine and then impress her with your culinary prowess.



                    My word, it seems as though we have many members on the forums who are experts in the art of the humblebrag.



                      Humblebrag? Honestly I just expect that most dates in major urban cities that include dinner and drinks will hit the $100 mark. I'm personally a very frugal person and it disgusts me.

                      @Tomservo and others: agree that Thai is often a great inexpensive meal option. Entrees for $12 or so. If anyone wants to put together a "good date places in dc" thread I'd be happy to contribute a few of my favorites.



                        most major cities cost around double what my city does and it would be normal for dinner and a couple drinks for 2 to hit 50$, easily. So I can see 100 in new york/DC/chicago etc.



                          @bruschetta -- nothing humble about it Just did the age/location/salary thing for comparison but it seems to have died after me.

                          In all seriousness, I just think that if you choose to go that route for a date, then it serves better to just know you're going to dip into the disposable income a good bit. There are plenty of other date ideas you can do that will keep the cost lower.



                            zerostyle, Jordan, and hornsup84, I've lived in D.C., Chicago, and LA and currently live in a major city in the UK. I think that I can safely say that $100 for a first date is insane. It's especially absurd considering that we're on a forum that espouses budget shopping. Why are you frugal with your clothing purchases if you're a power roller who can drop $100+ per date?



                              Hmm. It is actually easy to see both sides here. I try to do drinks first. But a good meal second or third date plus some drinks just seems to cost $100ish. Maybe more like $70 where I'm at. That's why I don't do it too often. I'm frugal because I don't make a lot. A first date out for drinks keeps costs down while (I know this sounds a little bad) I figure out if she's worth spending a bit more on.

                              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano