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    Cheers - Favorite Drinks

    What's your favorite drink after 5 o'clock? And which drink before 5 o'clock? Any particular reason?

    At 19, I don't do the alcohol yet, but naturally my answer for after 5 is...

    Dry martini. Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice and add a thin slice of lemon peel.

    Memorized at 15 and decided it will be my first legal drink.

    As for before 5, Coca-Cola or Roy Rogers.


    Before 5 o'clock: blended scotch with water.

    After 5 o'clock: single malt scotch with water.


    Alternatives include homemade whiskey sour in the heat of the day and a manhattan. ("At 19, I don't do the alcohol yet"... Are you serious? I know some of us here are lawyers, but none as far as I know are prosecutors.)



      At 19, pot is de rigeuer.

      After 5, I would consider a sazerac.



        Cannon - that's a Vesper. Love Casino Royale. To make a dry martini you take your gin and put it in a shaker with ice, remove the vermouth from its shelf and wave the bottle over the shaker while bowing slightly in the general direction of France. Shake or stir, strain into a chilled martini glass.



          I'm a big scotch fan, particularly Talisker. Hmmmmm, Talisker.



            lol Mickelsr!



              @Cannon - I love a good martini, but Gordon's is a fairly average gin. In terms of gins that is still very easy to find, Tanqueray No 10 is a much better choice. Also, at age 19, in almost any other country where drinking is legal, you would be old enough to drink. I think 21 is a ridiculous age.

              @Julio. I grew up about 30 miles from the Talisker distillery! Although, to my shame, have never been to it.



                everclear and gator aid powder



                  I don't drink alcohol, so it's all water for me.



                    @maccoinnich - Many people do indeed agree, and supplement the ingredients of the Vesper for either components that more accurately reflect the flavors Fleming would have tasted if mixed in his era, or for components that are believed to improve the recipe.

                    While I will gladly experiment with the variations down the line, I just feel like making the first one as close on paper to the originally stated recipe.

                    And I'm not opposed to drinking before 21, especially if visiting other countries (I've had many tastes, and a couple of glasses of wine over the years), I just generally don't drink. I will start openly obtaining and consuming when I'm 21, but until then, its just in the background and not a desperate priority.

                    I also look forward to a White Russian, courtesy of The Dude.



                      Don't shake your martini, no matter what 007 says! It doesn't bruise the gin, like the gin snobs say, but it does make it cloudy. You don't want that. Also, when you order it in a bar, make sure the bar is of some repute, because it is not uncommon for bars to leave their vermouth sitting for months (and years!), and vermouth does go bad. Take it from me, I'm a bartender, and I don't want to know how long our vermouth has been sitting there.

                      To answer your question, I like a good Tom Collins before 5. Afterwards, I'm a sucker for a good whiskey sour (egg whites and all) or a bourbon Sidecar. Or lately single-malt scotch, splash of water.

                      "The principle can be established that for a man who does not cheat, what he believes to be true must determine his action."
                      -- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus



                        Before 5: Tom Collins, Southside Fizz, mojito, daiquiri (a real one; lime, rum and sugar), margarita (again, a real one)

                        After 5: whiskey sour, old fashioned, mint julep, whiskey smash, New Yorker



                          Before 5 - I prefer a hop heavy IPA such as Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious or a Saison like Boulevard Tank 7.

                          After 5 - It's DIPAs like Heady Topper or Hoptimum



                            My life is to short to simplify it with a single favorite tipple. Before five, usually adam's ale, or before noon, possibly hot coffee. After five, the possibilities are endless, depending on the company, food, occasion, weather, location, driving responsibilities, etc.

                            A skilled cocktail waitress I used to know left her job for several years away at school. She returned to find the same old crowd gathering after work on a Friday. She still remembered everyone's "usual" beer, until she got to me. "You don't have a 'usual', do you?" And I don't have a "usual", any more than I have a single shirt I wear after five.

                            If the sun isn't over the yardarm yet, remember the purpose of running rigging.



                              Cannon - If you order a Vesper as your first legal drink, I will be genuinely stunned if you actually like it.

                              I don't do a lot of cocktails because frankly, none of the bars around me are any good for cocktails. And I hate to buy a fifth of a liquor I don't normally drink just to try out my own cocktails, and then decide I don't like them. This summer I've been drinking a lot of Salmon Fly Honey Rye from the Madison River Brewing Company. A great summer beer, though sadly not widely available out of the state. I've also been enjoying Madison River's Copper John Scotch Ale.

                              A gin and tonic isn't a cocktail so much as a simple mixed drink, but I've had my fair share of those this summer, usually from the deck of my family's lakeside cabin.

                              Before or after 5 is irrelevant in my life as far as drinking goes. It's more like at the cabin or not at the cabin... I drink beer at home because my roommates are beer-drinkers, but at the cabin I lean more toward G&Ts or regular iced tea/lemonade because my mom is pretty big into vodka tonics.