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    Downton Abbey

    In hopes of not derailing the Looks You Really Like thread, I thought I'd make a separate topic.

    For those who don't watch it, it's a great show. I just finished watching all the episodes aired so far, and they're all quite engaging. You'll like it a lot, especially if you're into historical throwback pieces.

    Now, for the discussion. Currently up for discussion:

    - Lady Mary vs. Lady Sybil

    - Matthew Crawley's hair

    - TWEED!


    @tomservo, you're false. Lady Sybil is the best thing to grace this planet. She's gentle, sophisticated, free-thinking, and not to mention absolutely gorgeous. I do see the appeal of Lady Mary, but she needs to cast off her aristocratic manner first.


    I really want hair like that... I guess I have to let it grow out a bit more first, but it would be so cool.



      I'm going to go out on a limb and say, Lady Edith. Just something about her look. She's the only one who, to me, looks as though she actually belongs in that era.



        I've only seen season 1, and feel no distinct desire to watch season 2 after what I've heard about it. Not to sound TOO hipsterish, but I picked up season 1 on DVD from PBS before it got big here in the States, mostly because I was looking for some stuffy BBC costume drama to distract myself from law school. It turned out to be much more of a soap opera than I had anticipated, and there's plenty to criticize about the show, but I mostly enjoyed it anyway.

        I'd pick Lady Mary because she seems more like a real human being than the irritatingly saintly and anachronistically progressive Sybil. Anna (?) the maid strikes me as far too saintly, as well. With Edith, I vacillate between empathizing with her predicament as the least glamorous sister and despising the way she chooses to inhabit that role.

        As for Matthew Crawley's hair - I had something resembling it for a while, but it required far too much product and blow-drying to look decent. Any hairstyle that takes more than 30 seconds is too much work for me.




          I love the show. I tend to enjoy Lady Mary more myself for all that she gets pushed to do and endures, but Lady Sybil probably does deserve credit for wanting to do so many things on her own.



            Pistol's at dawn, thmage, pistols at dawn. I like Sybil as well for all the reasons you mention but I just like Mary. If we're talking anyone I'd say Gwen the red-headed maid that got knocked up. I just have a weird thing for girls with red hair.

            I like Richard Carlisle's wardrobe a lot. Also I just put together it's the same actor that plays Jorah Mormot on GOT!

            Dress for style, live for results.



              The only decent and kind main-ish characters on the show are Lavinia Swire, William Mason, and Matthew's mother Isobel Crawley.

              Sybil's beautiful, but she went through two seasons without displaying the slightest inclination to start her own life, and when she finally did make a decision it was poorly executed.

              I strongly dislike Mary's character. She's a terrible person.



                @bruschetta, I'd say what she did at the start of season 2 was a step towards starting her own life. And don't forget she was only 18 in Season 1 (a little ridiculous, I don't know any 18-year-old's who look like that).

                But I agree on Lavinia Swire, she's definitely my #2 gal on the show. It's too bad the writer's took a lazy way out of her plotline.

                @tomservo, off-topic, but what do you think of the new Wendy's girl? I'm usually more of a dark-haired person myself, but she's pretty beautiful.



                  No love for the Dowager Countess here?