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Any ideas on what this is worth?

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    Any ideas on what this is worth?

    Since everyone was very helpful in my Hillcrest post, I thought I would offer up another conundrum for your consideration.

    I have in my possession a 38S Samuelsohn 3-button, single vent, navy suit.

    It is an older suit (I would venture to say 9 years old) but has only been worn to a couple of funerals. It is definitely a 'trad' cut, but if it is a 'short' I'd hate to see the regular.

    I would imagine a full-canvas, made in Canada suit would be worth trying to sell, but I honestly have no idea.

    A quick peek around ebay doesn't tell me much of what it might be worth.

    Any ideas? I can get pictures if necessary.


    Well, I couldn't comment on it's worth, but since it's 3 button and traditional cut, it's probably somewhat out of style right now. So that might affect the current value of it.