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    As someone who's used Accutane, I can second that it is probably the last resort that dermatologists typically bill it as. Your face will be drier than the Sahara for half a year. That being said, it mostly does the job. It was a complete turnaround for me six years ago. There is some acne that comes back for little revenges now and again, but it's nothing like it was before.

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      I'm 19 and had problems with acne for a while now. Some years were better than others. Definitely check out You don't have to use his products, but some of his tips, like how to properly wash your face, etc, are solid. Wet shaving with a safety razor helps with razor bumps.

      @zerostyle I completely agree. I saw a derm a few years ago that would just throw prescriptions at me. I was on an antibiotic for a year (which I now know is an awful thing to do) and used a benzyl peroxide gel that burned my face. I will say that the severe acne subsided, but I was constantly fighting very dry skin and a red face. I still have mild to moderate acne and some scars.

      I saw a holistic derm about a year ago, and she helped me out somewhat. I've been on this: . It works pretty well, but I've still got some mild acne (and those darn scars). But she also suggested I stop eating dairy, take multivitamins, get the proper amount of sleep, and exercise frequently. It's hard to stick to all of it, but I do find that after a couple weeks of no dairy my acne gets a little better.

      I've always wanted to try the products. Maybe try there because they aren't too expensive. Be careful with antibiotics and accutane. That shit can mess you up.

      Remember that acne is still common at our age. You'll probably grow out of it in a couple years. My brother had troubles with acne growing up, but now at 22, it's pretty much gone (he still uses a BP gel of some kind).

      Good luck!



        I always wonder why everyone says don't use soap, but use body washes. I switched from soap to Irish spring salicylic acid wash and ended up with more blemishes. I've since switched back.



          @Jordan Soap is generally harsher and drying, meant to get grime off the hands and body. Facial washes or Body + Face washes are generally gentler and may have some sort of blemish-fighting ingredients.

          Soap is less likely to wash off easily and leave skin unstripped of moisture.



            Jordan, Irish Spring is the Denny's of body washes.



              @bruschetta, but if it works, it works. All skin is different.

              @jordan, salicylic acid makes me break out too. I avoid it completely.

              Find your friend with the best skin, male or female. Find out what products they use. Try them.

              I had a lady friend with the greatest skin I've ever seen. Immaculate. Always. She never had the slightest sign of a blemish despite my knowing her from about age 18-25 in a variety of capacities. I switched to some of the products she used and it did wonders. Olay face lotion may not feel manly to buy at Target, but it is unscented and works much better than many others I've tried.

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                Just my two cents,

                I've had similar problems with everyone above me, seen the dermatologist and over the past two years experimented with different combinations of products (prescription - topical and antibiotic, over the counter, and cosmetic) until I found a good combo that works for me.

                I wash my face twice daily at the very least. In the morning and at night, if I go to the gym/workout/exercise in anyway and break a sweat after that.

                Since I prefer shaving with a razor, I found that to contribute ..but because of the shaving cream I was using. I switched from cream to shaving soap (I use savon a barbe from L'Occitane) and that significantly helped my face clear up.

                I still break out occasionally and if I do I just use Neutrogena Fight and Fade Gel (Salicylic Acid) and that makes it go away.

                Anyways, moral of the just gotta keep trying until you find something that works for you...? or something? lol.



                  I just rinse my face with water every time I go to the bathroom (several times a day). I have oily skin so it gets rid of excess oil, doesn't involve any harsh ingredients, and keeps my skin basically acne-free, even in the heat of summer.



                    @bruschetta- Touche. I only got maybe 3 blemishes a year using soap, and on Irish Spring got 5-6 of the worst ive ever had in a months time. Guess I should have just stuck with what was working 99% of the time.