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    Clear skin?

    I'm starting to get a little annoyed by my less-than-clear skin (obviously, particularly the face). I'm not terribly acne riden, but have more blemishes than I'd like. And especially after I shave, I tend to break out a bit.

    I was wondering if you guys had any successful routines or products that I could try out to clear out my skin. I'm only 19, so I'm figuring that eventually I'll grow out of it, but I'd rather end it sooner if possible.



    thmage, 19 is a tough age. Here are some suggestions:

    Never wash your face with soap. Wash it with facial or body wash. Inexpensive options include Ivory Simple Aloe and the Dove (or Dove +Men) products.

    Wash your face morning and night. Apply a small amount of oil-free moisturizer after you wash.

    Don't use any of the drying liquids, acids, etc. on your face. You don't want to create permanent marks.

    Good luck. You'll grow out of it!



      Shaving - sure it's not just razor bumps?

      Also: there are different types of acne with different sorts of treatment.

      I definitely recommend using some sort of a cleanser (Avon makes good stuff but they're going out of business soon) - this is going to have salicylic acid in it. It'll wash away a lot of the dirt clogging up your pores. They can come as washes, things you put on cotton balls and swab, sheets, etc. The little beads in them help exfoliate the top layer of your skin a bit, which will leave it feeling a bit softer.

      Make sure you use a different lotion for your face than your body - it should say face lotion on it. There's a nice one Olay makes that's non-comodogenic (you want that, it means it won't clog your pores) that's also got some SPF. Heavy or thick lotions might make you break out more. You can use like Biore strips or a mask or something before a big interview/date to really clean out your pores.

      Also - next time you see your PCP just ask and they can either figure out the type of acne you have or refer you to a derm. I've had good success w/ a prescription acne cream.



        I use to break out from shaving also. More than just razor bumps. Switching to wet shaving with real shaving cream did wonders for me.
 is a great article for wet shaving and I know there are a ton of other ones out there.

        Beyond that I just second what everyone has said



          To echo thinker-random, DE wet shaving helped with my own acne/razor burn which would develop after shaving. Allowed me to start shaving every day and this limited acne which would sometimes appear if I had stubble since it seemed that would collect oil and dirt more than a clean face.

          A good forum to answer all of your questions you might have regarding wet shaving.



            While I've never had a real problem with breakouts, I would get the ocassional pimple. For the last 4 months I've been using a clairsonic Mia. It really cleans your face, gets rid of dead skin, and opens up pores. Since I began using it, haven't gotten a single pimple.


            Expensive, yes, but it works a million times better than the $10 cheapo ones and it should last a while.

            In regards to shaving, make sure you use warm water to soak your face so the stubble is softer and your pores are open. Get a good lather, shave with the grain, and use fresh razorblades.

            Use a lotion on your face, but like others have said, it should be different than what you use on your body.



              Some good and simple advice here:

              Grooming Lounge Skin Care Advice



                I've always had terrible skin, but not quite bad enough to justify accutane IMO.

                Here are things I've tried on how they've done:

                Basically ZERO affect - any antibiotic - tetracycline, monodox, doxycycline (though it works for a week or 2)

                Works well if you use it 2x a day - Benzoyl Peroxide, 2.5% (buy the large bottles from - cheapest source I can find). If you use it only once a day it doesn't help much. I also use CeraVe moisturizer afterwards so my skin doesn't dry out.

                Things I'm not still sure about: Mostly diet. There are lots of theories that various foods can cause acne - particularly wheat, milk, and other allergens. Google around for the "leaky gut" theory. Probiotics might help as well.

                At age 19 though, it's probably largely hormonal. I'd start using the BP 2x a day and see how that works for you. It's kind of a pain, but is effective.



                  Thanks for the tips guys, I think I gotta start adding face care into my nightly routine. And I'm seriously considering switching to a wet shave. Just a little nervous cause I hardly ever use a manual razor.



                    @thmage - definitely need some face care every night. Also, my skin cleared up after tossing out my electric razor when I was in college. YMMV, but it wasn't doing me any good. You may cut yourself once in a while, but like anything you get better over time.



                      I wash morning and night. Just started using this one in the morning (which has been great, despite price, because it doesn't dry out my face, but still makes it essentially appear and feel like the oil and dirt is off):

                      Using this at night (but its more drying, alongside its acne-fighting salicylic acid) or sometimes a scrub:



                        At 19, you're pretty much at the whim of your hormones. Besides trying to take care of your skin with facial products, you can also try clearing it up from within. Drink lots of water, get good sleep, and try not to stress. Eat healthier and try taking a multivitamin and flaxseed oil. Whatever happens, don't pick at them and cause scars!



                          I think you should talk to a doctor PLUS stay generally healthy PLUS drink a lot of water or similar liquids PLUS experiment with that you put on your skin.



                            Dermatologists are pretty worthless, IMO. I've been to many and they always just basically follow these options:

                            1. antibiotic + face cream (retin-a, differin, etc)

                            2. a different antibiotic + difference face cream

                            3. accutane



                              @zerostyle well, there isn't really a better route is there? Once you try a bunch of non-perscription things, then the dermotologist has the next steps up. And if you really do need Accutane, they have no choice but to make sure you have tried the other, less risky options that a dermotologist has before he is allowed to perscribe the a-bomb of acne meds.