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How do I hang photos and paintings?

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    How do I hang photos and paintings?

    I moved into a new place a short while back and I just finished furnishing it. I brought a few black and white framed photos and received some paintings from a couple friends because they knew I was moving.

    I don't think I need too much advice on the tooling I need to hang photos (nails, hammer, level, etc). Feel free to give me some if you have any!

    I definitely need advice on how high I should hang a photo, and if that height changes if it's above furniture. I also need advice on how large of a picture I need for a wall given the wall's size and the size of a room. Also, how I can group smaller pictures together if I need to fill a space. Additionally, how many photos/paintings can I hang in a room without it looking tacky?

    I really need overarching guidance, given that style isn't just about how we wear our clothes but also how we put together our living spaces I would appreciate any from the Dappered community.

    Feel free to post your examples and success with home decoration.



    adivvela, the general rule of thumb is to hang them at your eye level. As for the rest, I've always let more artistic friends and family members take care of that for me.



      I purchased some command strips to hang 3 pictures in a hard to reach space...they went on very easily, I have not attempted to take them off yet, I know that is a big concern with them depending on the wall/paint. But for hanging purposes they were great.



        Eye level, or about 60" from the floor to the center of the painting, is indeed the rule of thumb.

        What you use to hang a painting depends on the materials, size, and weight of the painting. Sometimes you're perfectly fine resting the top part of the frame on two sturdy screws, but for larger, heavier pieces you might need picture wire. Your best bet is to ask the artist or gallery how to hang it, or, failing that, ask at a frame shop.

        After that, the answer to everything else is "It depends" or "Use your best judgment." With a friend, play around with different locations and positions for your hangings and see what feels right to you. All the elements of a room - layout, furniture, color scheme, ambiance, lighting, the room's function - will inevitably dictate what makes the most sense.



          I don't think I need too much advice on the tooling I need to hang photos (nails, hammer, level, etc). Feel free to give me some if you have any!</blockquote>

          I swear by Hercules Hooks. You can pick them up at a Bed, Bath & Beyond. No need for a hammer, no nails, and can hold heavy frames.