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Official: All Things Shaving Thread - Not URGENT

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    Official: All Things Shaving Thread - Not URGENT

    I've noticed that there's been a good deal of discussion on facial and body hair on the forums as of late. A few Dappered readers appear to be quite careless in their facial grooming habits, but apparently shave (or wax and pluck?) every hair from their body. Others follow the opposite extreme: they shave their face to a sheen, but leave a rug of hair on the body. The most common theme is a permanent 5 o'clock shadow on the face.

    Let's compare our shaving habits:

    1. What is your facial hair shaving and grooming routine?

    2. What is your body hair shaving and grooming routine?


    Currently shave about twice a week, so I almost always have some facial hair going. I'm still working through a double-edge razor blade variety pack, but have a 100-pack of Astra blades waiting for when they run out. I really liked Feathers as well, but they're quite a bit more expensive. Hot towel for a minute or so, foam up some Proraso shave soap with a badger brush, then do a couple with-the-grain passes, one sideways, and occasionally a fourth to clean things up. All in all pretty time consuming, but worth it - little to no irritation, smoother skin, more fun



      1. I use a Gilette Fusion Proglide (mentioned by Joe on the main site) to shave my face. To my constant annoyance, my facial hair resembles copper wire in both density and texture. I go through a cartridge every two weeks.

      I've purchased electric razors from Philips Norelco, Panasonic, Braun, and Remington. Each one lasted roughly 3-4 months before burning out. The Norelco razor lasted the longest at perhaps 6 months before the motor shorted and it began turning on and flinging itself around in jerking motors at random intervals. I tossed it. The Braun lasted almost as long, but the motor grew weaker to the point where the foil could no longer cut my hair due to a lack of friction.

      2. Norelco body groomer. I trim. The no-body-hair-on-a-man style is thankfully a purely American fad.



        1. Depends on night time commiments etc. Not too worried about being clean shaven all the time. Hate having a full beard though, leads to red bumps. Prep is shower, make a lather, (wet face, shave) X 3, apply aftershave cream and fight the burning on neck. Using a double edge, I think I have decent technique but always get red bumps right on my neck in the middle for some reason, tried different creams/soaps & blades. Haven't touched a feather blade yet but I think I will soon, Derby, Merkur and Astra all have had same result roughly.

        2. Whenever I think I might possibly be getting some or my nipple hair looks out of control(enjoy that visual!), I use a Philps BodyGroom(no way in heck am I using a DE razor downstairs). Use the length trimmer on dry hair, and then the close shave in shower with gel/soap, might use a cartrige razor to touch up.



          This is a timely post as I just bought new razors. I have always been a proponent of the refillable razors. I was using Gillette exclusively up until this weekend. I was at the store shopping and saw that they had Schick Quattro Titanium on sale for $7. This was for the handle and 4 razors. I must say I am impressed. It is not as good as the Fusion ProGlide, but it is a better shave for the money.

          For my body hair I wax my eye brows and give my under carriage a crew cut. I really need to pick up a new body groomer for down there.



            Shick hydro 5 > Fusion from my experience. I had the titanium 4 forever which was a great blade for how long it lasted.

            Wouldn't your under carriage be more where the sun don't shine and not big jim and the two twins?



              1. Shave face daily in the shower using a fog free mirror from Target and the following products in order:

              Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser

              Nancy Boy Signature Shave Cream

              Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

              Brave Soldier Code Blue

              Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

              2. Shave chest/back/privates and trim legs/arms when needed (maybe monthly) using the following:

              Philips/Norelco Bodygroom PRO



                1. I buzz my face every other day to keep a permanent stuble. Clean shaven is not a good look on me.

                2. I trim the undercarriage and keep the chest in control. Shave pits and back.

                Dress for style, live for results.



                  @tomservo what do you use for perma-stubble? Seems like most trimmers I've seen can't cut that close but maybe I just don't know how to use it right?



                    This should be renamed the TMI thread



                      I shave about 3-4 times per week with a Merkur safety razor and Burt's Bees men's shave lotion. If I had darker hair I would probably have to shave daily, but my hair is so blond that a bit of stubble is only noticeable from up close. I've tried ordinary razors, electric razors, and safety razors, and I find the safety razor to be the most convenient by far (though it takes a bit more skill and attention than your garden-variety Gilette). I've done a bit of experimenting with warmup routines and have found they make little difference in terms of the closeness of the shave, razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. These days I wet my face with lukewarm water, apply shave cream, and go.

                      As far as body hair goes, I do a quick trim every 3-4 weeks to prevent Neanderthal syndrome.




                        Thank you Dappered-ites for sharing your experiences.

                        shad0w4life, I also get those red bumps right in the middle of my neck. What a pain.

                        ChrisW, I created this thread to serve as a monument to your personal discomfort. I bask in the warm glow of your mortification. Ah. Ahhhh.



                          Brusch; I'm going to try using COLD water post shower before shaving, I read that somewhere and apparently it works well, and I recall a video where the guy said lukewarm water, not hot water works better on your face for some reason.




                            Looks for something marketed as a "stubble trimmer" instead of a beard trimmer. I don't have this exact model but something like it.

                            It has the guard for various lengths but it also has a stubble setting (basically, take the guard off) that will take you down to .5 mm.

                            Dress for style, live for results.



                              Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89BL

                              Blade: Wilkinson Sword ($1.76 for 10 at Walmart)

                              Pre-shave oil: Secret Shave ($3.xx at Walmart)

                              Shave cream: C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream with Eucalyptus oil (Same as Proraso, I think I'd prefer it without the Eucalyptus oil)

                              Post shave: RazorRock alum, witch hazel, Nivea for Men Energy Double Action Balm

                              If I really don't want any little nicks or cuts then I use my Panasonic Arc IV electric razor. It shaves really close but I just like the process of DE shaving.

                              Body: Philips Norelco Body Groom

                              5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist