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    @amethew It is not about what other countries think of our athletes, but what us as citizens of this country think. I find it completely disgraceful that a large company like RL doesn't cut just a bit of margin to make the stuff here. Christ the friggin blazer is $800, I am sure there is plenty of profit in that. I am betting the margin on that is at least 10x.



      Hey amathew, you seem a little mad. So let me start by saying, gusfraba. Next, I cant remember a single post in my time here ridiculing anyone from Style Forum spending money on EU or US made clothing. This site serves a different purpose. However, based on your last response, and its lack of relevance to anything BenR has said, your reading comprehension is clearly not up to par, so you may not have been able to realize that. I forgive you for this. I am a nice guy, I know.

      The point BenR is trying to make, is that the Olympics are about national pride. Your country is rallied to cheer on and support everything American in your case (Canadian in mine) and you would think, that in this pro-American rally, they would maybe support locally made clothing for their athletes, in the spirit of national pride. I can record this on tape for you if you are an audible learner, or draw you a picture if you prefer visual aids. Let me know!

      Have a nice day!



        And we wonder why people think corporations are greedy.



          1. Not mad bro, just think Americans get a little riled up over meaningless stuff like this.

          2. Off topic, I doubt your claims of being a nice guy. Doesn't every guy think he's a nice guy. Plus, "nice guy" is rather subjective....right...back to topic.

          2. Well, let me help your reading comprehension. The point is that people are getting their panties all riled up when clothing of athletes does not matter in the least bit to anyone in the world. So what, the outfits look like garbage. So what, the products are made in China. No one is going to stop having diplomatic relations with the US because of it, or start a war with the US because of it.

          3. The last time I checked, the point of business was to maximize profits. Welcome to the beauty of capitalism and free markets. I was the founder and CEO of a start-up and I would be a fool if I wasn't concerned about making as much money as humanly possible.



            Um, corporations are greedy?

            Greed is what has ensured that the west has such a high standard of living.

            Greed is why people have jobs.

            Greed is why people have the ability to start businesses and become wealthy.

            Greed is a beautiful thing.



              If Dappered Threads supported smilies, I'd be using the exasperated eyeroll right about now.




                Sensationalism at its finest. This guys a piece of work. I love his logic. Someone thinks its silly that the US Olympic teams clothes are not made in the US, therefore they must think that countries will stop doing business with the US and that they will start a war with them. I hope you had someone else doing the talking in your start-up.



                  Wow. Well I was going to respond to you, BenR and elaborate on my statement, but this went south quickly.

                  Amathew, dude tone it down. So far the only useful statement you've made is "greed is why people have the ability to... become wealthy"

                  Users here don't criticize SF based on what they buy. I think we all buy Western made products when we can afford it. Bremersm's post is along the lines of what is meant here.

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    I think the issue here, which seems to be ignored by our friend here, is that people expect that the production of US Olympic outfits should be driven more as a patriotic duty rather than a profit-driven endeavor. No need to go all Gordon Gecko, we've all seen Wall Street (I hope); their point is that this particular instance should be different.

                    Sidenote, panties don't get all riled up, people do. Panties get in a bunch or bunched up. Sidenote #2, you have two #2's in your list. Sidenote #3, we're all very impressed that you were founder and CEO of your own company.



                      My opinion is I don't care at all. Does not bother me in the least. Should the US Olympians only use US made training equipment too? Where is the line between acceptable to be foreign made and not acceptable?

                      Other countries can have manufacturing for all I care. America's unique advantage in the global marketplace is not sitting around watching a bunch of machines work. Our advantage is innovation and the freedom to try new things, experiment, and come up with groundbreaking ideas. Just as a CEO hires cheaper labor to do things like answer phones to free him/her up for bigger things so too does America enlist cheaper countries to perform jobs that frees up American workers to focus on other things. Manufacturing is not a business you want to be in in today's world. Manufacturing is low margin, capital intensive, and slow to adapt. If you truly want to help American workers you will support organizations that support innovation and advancements in new technology that lead to high margin, capital light, and easily adaptable businesses.



                        Do I have just cause to convey discontent because the uniform wasn't "Made in the UK"? The Americans probably didn't give Brits a chance to compete in the uniform design. You may have been lucky enough to sport a uniform designed by Stella McCartney.



                          Sheesh people. Yes, it is pretty unfortunate that such clothing was not made in the US when it could have been, but no need to flip out on each other.

                          Just buy American when you can.



                            I guess I should have posted a different link. I only posted that story because it had a prominent picture of the uniforms at the top, not because I felt that it was particularly important where they were made.



                              I don't really care all too much about the issue. I mostly just didnt take kindly to MR CEO



                                Why is the hate only directed at Ralph Lauren? The last time I checked Nike does not make their products in the US either.