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Luggage for international travel

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    Luggage for international travel

    Hey guys,

    I plan to be doing alot of international traveling in the next few years and I was looking to purchase some good quality luggage. I am somewhat of a minimalist so I am trying to travel with one sturdy (hardside), good quality, ~$100 piece if possible. I am currently looking at the Samsonite Winfield 20" Spinner.

    Should I go with a larger size for international travel(20"-22" seems to be the largest carry-on size)?

    Do you all have any other recommendations?



    I haven't bought luggage in a few years so I have no specific suggestions. Before I started doing a lot of international travel I got a few suitcases--I have a rolling duffle, a large suitcase and a slightly smaller one that fits inside the larger.

    Here's my strategy for travel; it might help you. I put all my stuff in my duffel and the smaller suitcase, then put the smaller suitcase *inside* my larger suitcase. When I am traveling and collecting souvenirs, I take the smaller suitcase out. That gives me an extra suitcase that I didn't have to carry (at least discretely) in the beginning, so I have room to bring back more stuff.



      I'd travel as light as possible and ship gifts and large souvenirs home. The pros use small backpacks (like on Globe Trekker or Rick Steves).

      A few months ago I bounced around France for 2 weeks and made it work with a small duffel bag. It really comes down to how much you expect to have to carry your bag. Will you take taxis or will you use the subway? Are you going to jam on a local bus or will you stick with the TGV trains? The wheels suck on cobblestones, dirt, and gravel.

      And if you're thinking about bringing a computer, consider picking up a netbook.



        I love Rick Steves!

        This seems like sound advice and I love packing light. I'll be in Europe this August. Here's the catch: I'll be attending a wedding and a rehearsal dinner party. T-shirts and jeans seemed to cut it before, but now I'll have to carry a suit and would also like to not look like slop the rest of the trip.

        I've got a small rolling suitcase and a backpack. Hoping I can get it all into there.


          Backpacking Europe Packing List

          A light backpack is the most important thing for any travel. We have to decide what to pack and what not to pack. I recommend you to check
          This will be very helpful to pack your backpack.


            Whatever you get, recommendation is something that easily fits in the overhead bin on an airline, preferably a backpack of some sort.

            The more room you have to pack stuff, the more stuff you end up packing.....which will only slow you down.