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    Re: I Don't Know

    Hey Joe,
    Longtime/firsttime here. Let me tell you something.

    Its okay, man.

    You keep doing what keeps you sane. If it's posting links to great style deals for men, keep posting, I'll keep reading and sometimes buying. That's what I come to this website for.

    I don't come for pandemic-survival tips.

    If you do have any tips that aren't fake, than cool, that may be helpful.

    But I certainly don't expect it. Not from this site.

    This site, I want to know what the best socks for summer are. And do they come in quarter-length? If so, I'll go buy them when things get back to normal. I'm gonna keep a list of shit I gotta do when the hatches are un-battened.

    But don't get down on yourself, Joe.

    This site is awesome, and I love reading it every morning.

    Especially this morning.