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Bruised ribs - still workout?

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  • Bruised ribs - still workout?

    So due to a mountain biking incident, I am 99% sure I have bruised ribs. I don't think they are broken as I don't have any bruising under the skin. But laughing or heaven forbid sneezing cause me a world of pain.

    As someone who hates sitting still, I have continued to run and attend spin class. I want to get back in the gym but am worried the bench press and other weights will just exasperate the pain and lengthen the recovery time. But again, I'm loathe to sit still for 6 weeks to heal.

    Anyone have any insight or history to share? Thank you.

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    There is always a way to modify a workout around a non-serious injury. Are you trying to do chest based exercises around that area? Could you focus instead on lower body or back? If it is a bruise, lifting weights should't add to the recovery time assuming you aren't on a BB-ing type workout where your body is competing for building muscle versus repairing, etc.

    If it was me, depending on the pain (talking tolerable but not enjoyable). I'd focus on legs and machines until I knew how I felt mid-workout. If pain is tolerable go to plates, dbs, etc. If not stick to machines.


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      I'd probably get an opinion from a physical therapist who understands how important it is for you to remain active. Most likely you will have to scale back and modify and probably avoid some movements altogether. Someone with the right training and expertise will be able to tell you what you need to modify or avoid to not only prevent exacerbating the injury, but potentially to rehab the issue and help speed your recovery along.

      The last thing you want to do is exacerbate the injury because that will just set you back even further.

      If you've got ok health insurance I'd recommend you see your doctor first to figure out if it's actually a bruised rib or maybe something more or less serious, and then they can also make you a referral to a PT so that could potentially be covered by insurance as well.


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        So I saw the doc today. Turns out several of the ribs are broken. Good times. Her suggestion was to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Crud. Not impressed.
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          Sucks. But, better to take it easy for a couple weeks now than to try to ride it out and deal with the aftermath for months afterward. Just gotta watch what you eat a bit more, and maybe go for some daily walks to stay active.


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            Thanks [MENTION=2341]LesserBlackDog[/MENTION] Yeah. Definitely sucks. Good advice re: going for a walk though. I'm going to have to do something. I am thinking of giving the stationary bike/spin class a to. My hope is that by staying in one place, and spinning, there will be no impact to my upper body.


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              The good news is that you must be a beast.

              "My rib might be bruised but I gotta squat!"...."Actually, sir, all your ribs are broken."