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Bluetooth earbuds for Fenix 5s watch

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  • Bluetooth earbuds for Fenix 5s watch

    Anyone have any suggestions or experience with bluetooth earbuds paired with a Fenix 5s sport watch? The wife has a 5s and is looking in to loading music on the watch so she has something to listen to while she is working out. According to Garmin the Apple Airpods will pair with the watch, but I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience with the Airpods or with something else. Thank you.

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    Doc - I personally decided against Airpods for working out because I sweat, what I would consider when comparing myself to others, an abnormal amount. I would guess everyone thinks they sweat an abnormal amount but from a water intake standpoint, I drink a lot more water than others when completing the same workout which is how I came to this conclusion. For that reason, I stick with the multiple pairs of wired headphones we have.


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      Thanks [MENTION=4069]JBarwick[/MENTION]. The trouble with the wired headphones is that they won't work with my wife's watch. She wants to be able to leave her phone at home and go for a run/hike. The Fenix 5s watch can load and save music, then stream it to Bluetooth headphones. So that's what she's going for.

      I'd like her to use something other than the Airpods, but then again this is for her - not for me. So it's what she's after. Hopefully she won't sweat so much on her runs that the Airpods won't work for her.


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        I haven't used them with a Fenix watch but I am a big fan of my soundpeats. Cheap as chips so I am not heart broken if I lose one on a hike...which I have done...but they sound pretty darn good and battery life is decent. I lost one on a hike a couple of weeks ago and I am going to buy another set.

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          Thanks. I'll look in to those a pair of soundpeats.


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            I personally like the AfterShokz. It allows you to enjoy music while being aware of your surroundings.


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              Just to circle back on this thread, I ended up going with the Airpods for the Fenix 5s watch. The wife tells me the Airpods fit nicely in her ears and were solid on the first run with them. No movement and sound quality was good.