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    Any Triathletes Here?

    Hey all,

    I may have come to the wrong place, but this is also really the only forum that I take any part in anymore. I searched and found little, so here it goes...

    I have come to the point in my life where my passion for rugby has been outclassed by my body's constant aches and pains. As a result, I have decided to sign up for a (sprint) Triathlon in September to keep me from getting too rotund and lazy. Any advice, training tips, must have gear - besides a road bike of course?

    As someone with pretty much no endurance competition background since high school I would say that I am fit, but not likely fit for this sort of event. However, I have no doubt that I could do any of the three events right now without too much issue, though swimming is definitely my current biggest weakness. As of right now, my only goal for this first attempt is to complete the race.

    Thanks in advance!

    I don't do tri's. But I cycle - a lot. And I swim - a lot. And I run - not so much in the summer because I'm focused on riding.

    But sure. What's up? Happy to chat.



      Thanks Doc!

      Really just looking for small pieces of advice about events like this...kind of a what do you wish you had known before doing your first one type of things? Any specific piece of gear that makes a big difference? Really just any pointers would be great.



        I'd recommend looking for specific communities related to this kind of thing... either online forums or in-person groups. Often you can find local clubs or groups dedicated to various sporting events or activities, especially if you live in a bigger metro area. You can look on Facebook or online meetup sites to see what might be available in your area.

        Local businesses like to play host or facilitator for groups and meetups like these for the obvious reason that it attracts traffic to their business. Triathlon isn't big here due to lack of swimmable waters, but I know local running stores and bike stores sponsor various meetups for running and cycling groups. You might be able to find some info or flyers at local bike shops.

        I've also seen my gym occasionally offer classes geared toward triathlon training. That may be another option for you if you are already a member of a gym/health club, especially if they've got a pool.


          The swim, while constituting the smallest portion of the race, seems to be the biggest challenge for folks. I know many people who focused their training on swimming, with some attention to biking and running.

          If the swim is the weakness for you, try finding a local masters swim club. They will get you in the pool and give you structured workouts.

          Also, do you have any tri clubs in your area? If so, join them. The people you meet there will give you tips on racing. Plus it is always nice to train with people and find out who is doing what race, etc. Also a club likely does open water swims, which is good since swimming in the pool vs. open water is vastly different.

          What is your experience with running and cycling?


            I really liked the Beginner Triathlete forum when I was doing Tri's in the 2011/2012 time frame. Was a very helpful group. Once you get the serious bug, SlowTwitch was good but for more experienced.


              Awesome, thanks all!

              Good ideas here.


                Hippos can run faster than humans on land and swim faster than humans in the water.

                Which means you really better be able to bike faster than them to have a chance in a triathlon if one is competing.


                  [MENTION=18789]dtbleu[/MENTION] have you done any races yet?