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    Originally posted by thedrake View Post
    That's one of the things I like about this work out, it's really flexible. Messing around with the number of movements, order of movements, weights and number of reps allowed me to find a good starting spot and from there I've settled into the workout I wrote down. I should also say that I miss a lot of days because of other commitments. It's no big deal, I just keep track of which work out I did last and when I have a chance to work out again, I do the next work out on the list.
    sounds like me for sure. I want to up the intensity of my workouts so that a missed day isnt as huge of a deal. This week is terrible for me and the gym. At least I know it is testing my mind shift. Instead of being like "OK, cool, I just cant go today" I am like "ah, dang it, I cant go today. where can I make it up?"


      Originally posted by Alex.C View Post
      I'm in the same boat, what do you do to work your shoulders/triceps/whatever else OHP does?
      Late to the party, but John Meadows has a good write up on how to build boulder shoulders without using the OHP as your main lift. Mountain Dog has some of the best shoulders in the business
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        If you want a portable body weight routine, try this:

        Capture a baseline:
        1. Max push-ups, rest
        2. Max pull-ups, rest
        3. 2 min of burpees

        Get your numbers, and figure out your set based on desired intensity/fitness level.

        The workout starts with pushups, then go directly into pull-ups, then directly into burpees. 4-6 supersets with 90-180 second rest between supersets.

        It’s miserable and awesome. This workout with a once a week timed 2-mile run brought me from size 36 to size 29-30. I use this when I travel for work or go somewhere on vacation. It works but it’s a gut check.

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