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Experiences with Art of Shaving or eShave?

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    This is also a great place to get shaving supplies?



      Thanks for the tip, Juan!

      I had been wanting to replace my Gilette fusion (too much $$) by DE razors. I ended up buying the following from amazon / qedusa:

      Edwin Jagger 8xxx series - Ebony DE razor

      Taylor of Old Bond Street - Sandalwood shave soap

      Tweezerman's shaving brush

      Blades - 1 5pack each of:

      Gillette 7'O Clock - Blue, Green

      7 AM

      Astra Superior



      Shark Super Chrome



      Wilkinson Sword

      Totaled around 75$ I think.



        In response to shadow's post I originally bought a Parker 22R and more recently an Edwin Jagger de89bl. Last week I picked up a bottle of Shave Secret from Walmart and I really must say this stuff is awesome it improved my shave quality and I didn't nick myself for once. Again I don't know how it compares to top of the line shave oils but I liked it a lot more than the eShave verdena lime oil sample and plain olive oil. At $3.xx you should give it a try and if you hate it who cares. The instructions say you don't need to use any soap/creme/gel with it but I still prefer to.

        For those interested in the highly recommended Edwin Jagger DE razor, you can get it from with one of the first or second time customer coupons for under $30. For those looking to give DE a try I'd recommend the $20 Van Der Hagen brush/soap/mug set from Target since it comes with a stand. Walmart has a different VDH brush/soap/bowl set for $8.xx but it doesn't have a stand. It does probably work just as well though.

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          So i got my order today, same razor as Redl Edwin Jagger de89bl

          eShave sample pack(REALLY EXPENSIVE SAMPLES omg)

          Glycerin shave soap

          Prosco(sp?) shave soap

          blade sampler pack

          Omega professional boar brush

          A stand for brush and razor...that won't hold brush because knot is 4mm pay attention when ordering stands.

          Wet brush=smelly boar

          I used the Derby blades

          I did 3 passes more for practice, 2 down and 1 against grain, no nicks etc.

          I sucked lathering and the 3rd pass against grain made my face kind of dry shaved feeling(again my fault for lack of lather/wetness on this one) other passes 2 were fine.

          Results for my first time were pretty friggin good, no issues or bumps. I may try a thicker beard to see if get get the red irritation bumps...may be from beard or razor, was never sure about that.

          eShave aftershave lotion smells great...only tried the lime.

          I do like this method, before I shaved in the shower because shower streams cleaned my hydro 5 out way better than sink could. This you fill sink with water and use that, it's also very relaxing for some reason, I rather enjoyed it. So I most likely will save $25 a month in blades and another $10 in hot water. I now want a bunch of different soaps etc to try many options with different ingredients etc.



            @shadowlife, what other blades did you receive in the sampler?



              Just placed my order for:

              Colonel Conk Model 115A Shave Mug

              Colenel Conk Almond Shave Soap

              100 BlueBird Razor Blades Hi Stainless

              Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor

              Already own a nice shave brush. Gonna head to Walmart and pick up some Shave Secret.

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                I got Merkur, Feather, Astra Platinum and Derby.

                I see other packs with many more options...quite crazy the number of blades you can get.

                I will avoid the feather blades until last as they were said to be for more experienced shavers...I'm guessing they are REALLY sharp.



                  I bought from qedusa where a 5pack for most of the blade brands was for 1-2$ each .. I thought that was cheaper than most of the stuff on amazon (and as a result I bought the razor of qed to make the shipping worthwhile)



                    never tried the art of shaving brush but their other products are fairly good. though you could find cheaper alternatives. I always wanted a merkur sounds awesome.



                      The smell of the wet brush is what gets me, just bad. My shave so far isnt as close but not terrible, but apparently the Edwin Jagger we have is a very newbie friendly DE and id agree because I haven't hand a single cut, may try the feather blades soon.



                        And just to add in, tried merkurr blades...they aren't very good IMO, they felt "dull" for a new razor was odd.

                        I tried a derby again with a 7 day growth, need to work on my neck shaving, end up with that burning feeling with the eshave post shave cream still, more so on the left side(right handed). I did end up with a few little blood spots but my beard causes me to get red irritation bumps so not really avoidable, however it did slice right through the beard without any tugging sensation.

                        I think my problem is I don't wet my face inbetween latherings. so anyone new to this, wet face, lather up, shave, repeat. The soap was dry looking above my lip within a few minutes.

                        the eshave shaving cream is absolutely crazy how much it lathers up, I used a dab and it damn near had my face covered in a thick lather.



                          Just posted this in the deals thread.

                          The Art of Shaving 'The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave' Starter Kit $9.90 shipped at Includes Badger Brush.