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Experiences with Art of Shaving or eShave?

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    Experiences with Art of Shaving or eShave?

    Does anybody have any experience with the products from either of these makers? Specifically I am curious about their shave creams and badger brushes. Are they worth it? Does it make much of a difference in the shaving experience? Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.


    I don't have experience with those two companies specifically, but if you are curious about shaving brushes and creams in general, I would highly recommend it. I have two badger brushes and multiple creams and soaps that I lather with. I also use a double-edged razor ( and would recommend that as well. It makes shaving much more enjoyable, not to mention smoother. Check out the forum at for more information, including reviews of many art of shaving and eshave products.



      I can't speak specifically to these brands. However, I can say that in the last 3 months I have switched from using a mach 3 with edge shaving gel to using a safety razor and some good shaving cream applied with a badger brush.

      I will not be going back! At first it took a bit longer to shave with the safety razor, but now that I have it down I can do it just as fast, though I do like to take my time to get a real smooth shave. My skin really appreciates the higher quality cream, and applying it with a brush seems to help get the hairs to stand up for a less irritating and closer shave.

      Extra bonus is that the razor blades that I use now only cost approximately 9 cents each. A bit of an investment to get started, but no more spending outrageous sums of money on mach 3 blades every month.

      Even if you aren't considering switching the razor up, I think the higher quality cream and the brush applicator would be worth it.



        FWIW, I have no experience with high-end badger brushes but I bought this badger brush based on the good Amazon reviews when I wasn't sure I'd stick with it. Its held up well and I haven't felt the need to get a more expensive one, although maybe I don't know what I'm missing:

        I shave with a Mekur double edged safety razor and have the Conk stand to hold them. For shaving cream I have the Truefitt & Hill West Indian Lime after Valet did a write up on it, it seems decent but a tub lasts you so long that I won't be trying out another brand for to compare it to for a while. I bought all of this stuff on Amazon fairly cheap. I get Feather blades in bulk off of eBay.



          Not sure about their brushes but I have used the art of shaving cream and its solid stuff. For what its worth I use this brush:



            I've used Art of Shaving cream and it's good but I find these two creams to be better:

            My favorite is

            Nancy Boy Signature Shave Cream:


            and this is great stuff also

            Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort:


            I have no experience with eShave and I have no idea where my wife bought my badger brush.



              I lucked into a few of the starter kits from Art of Shaving when they had some freebie promo last year.

              Its worked quite well for me and I will definitely buy the full size kit when the time comes.

              I dont have experience with a safety razor... instead I use the the Pace Shave 6 from here Not as inexpensive as a safety, but far less money then the comparable Gillette unit. Its the same razor they sell at dollar shave club- so I was told- less dough though.



                Awesome. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I'll hit up some of these links and let you know how it works out.



                  I hate you all, now I just spent $130 on DE razor, stand, blade sample pack, eshave sampler, and 2 different soaps.

                  Going to try the true razor method now, I hate buying $4 blades that leave me bumpy.



                    I started DE shaving over a month ago and while I really like the routine and all the products, I haven't been getting that great of a shave. I have an expensive Panasonic electric that gives me a consistent close shave and the Gilette Fusion has always worked well for me in the past. Since I've already spent all the money on the DE stuff I will continue to use it and hopefully improve my technique but I can't give it the glowing review everyone else has.

                    Regarding eShave, I do have their sample kit (of the lime variety) that I like but I can't really compare it to anything else since I don't own any other comparable products. I normally use shaving soap, the eshave kit has cream. I haven't tried any other pre-shave oil except for regular old olive oil. The aftershave smoother doesn't seem to absorb into my skin very well. When I rub it in to my skin it kind of bunches up similar to when you rub adhesive stuff of something, if that makes any sense.

                    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



                      What make of DE are you using?

                      And I just spent a bit of time learning this etc, angle of the blade has to be 30 degrees etc and everyone I watching in a video ended up clean shaven so thankfully it should improve for you over time

                      I like the fact I can use a new blade at will, I hate using mach 5/hydro 5 blades because I feel obligated to get the life out out them, and 3x a week eats up blades fast.



                        I use a long handled merkur HD, an omega badger brush, feather blades and proraso cream. It is difficult to recommend blades as everyone's skin is different, but the merkur is the standard and I think everyone should try proraso.



                          @chrisw anywhere you recommend purchasing?

                          anyone with experience know if i can rig up a merkur like this:


                          My cocktail videos >




                   is a good place to look



                              I bought from here I'm in Canada though so the free shipping and it being a Canadian company worked well. Amazon can kiss my arse with their bloated charges

                              And that guy that did the antler razor needs to spend less time doing that and more time applying that chapped skin remedy to his hands and lips, that last picture made me think of Steve Buscemi.