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    Originally posted by JBarwick View Post
    [MENTION=13399]DocDave[/MENTION] - I have my off days but try to keep eating healthy. I realize no matter how good I take care of myself, my genes will get me at some point.
    my wife has a similar struggle. Women in her family have a history of issues at a certain age. Making it past there is a milestone. Her grandmother is 104 though. So its like if you pass the barrier, you are set for a while. It gets to her mentally sometimes since she hasnt passed it yet.


      I run with a fellow who's Dad died at the age of 62. My friend just hit 62 and he is freaked out. I can easily see how something like that plays on your mind/mental health.


        I do understand your problem. And i am really happy that you started to think about yourself. The only thing i am not sure that diet is gonna cure your mind. You should resolve issues with your mind. The thing which could help you is kratom. I had kinda some problems before and started to drink tea with kratom. I forgot about insomnia and depression. It helped not only me, but to a lot of my friends. You should at least try. And then you will be how your moods is growing day by day. God bless you. Here os more info
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