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  • Upper Midwest Gardening

    Anyone here garden in the upper midwest?

    We bought a house in Minneapolis in the fall, just before the first snow, so haven't had a chance to do anything except get everything trimmed back. I'm excited to do some gardening when spring finally comes around.

    But I'm new to the area and don't really know where to start. Colorful and low maintenance, maybe an easy vegetable or two, are my basic requirements. Any thoughts?

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    While not in the upper midwest, I will say that you need to figure out how much sunlight each area gets where you plan to garden/landscape. We have a lot of tree cover and are limited on light in certain areas so grass doesn't grow or plants take longer to fruit due to the limited light. People call me crazy here in TN but I grew up in Ohio in a family that gardened quite a bit and light is important.


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      My county in California has a group of folks that's associated with a nearby ag school. They have demonstration gardens, hold classes, and have a really helpful website with recommended plants and planting schedules. You might want to google around and see if your local area has a club or group like that. Since gardening can vary so much by area it would be good to get some local help.


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        My buddies back home in MPLS could share some tips...

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          So not exactly what you were looking for but we got an Aerogarden to start off here in Northern Virginia. At our previous townhouse the light was all over the place. The Aerogarden isn't perfect but it's been nice to make herbs etc. and we are going to expand into lettuce and other items until we figure out how to properly garden in our new house. If interested I can share more ideas. My wife's family is still in Minnesota but he doesn't garden.