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Online furniture store recommendations?

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    Online furniture store recommendations?

    All we’ve recently moved into a bigger house and we are in need of a lot more furniture. We’ve gone to stores and they are either very expensive (crate and barrel) or overly pushy salesmen like Ashley furniture etc.

    I’d like to purchase or put together stuff online but stores like Wayfair are almost too overwhelming. Hard to tell quality if it’s durable etc.

    We don’t want to buy high end everything but the right mix and right now I’m overwhelmed. Any store advice? Tips and tricks? My wife really doesn’t care about this stuff enough to research it. So since it matters to me I just want to show her stuff for approval.

    I was fairly impressed by quality on the one item (a mid century media unit) that I purchased from Article. It's mostly actual wood and has substance to it, including some nicer than expected wood beveling, and we were also surprised that it had slow close hinges on the side cabinets, which wasn't even touted on their website. Wasn't super cheap, but had value relative to the price. I'd buy things from Article again in a heartbeat.

    I was not impressed with Joybird at all; the product once it was right was fine. However, they promised chairs inside 2 months (not speedy, but a deadline nonetheless). We didn't receive the first shipment until 2 months after that date (and without interim updates despite reaching out multiple times), and the initial slate of dining chairs we received had multiple issues that any semblance of quality control should have caught (e.g., uneven chair on flat floor, missing wooden screw covers). Further, while they did replace the chairs with issues (eventually after more work to get them there), it took another few months to do so vs. expediting to fix. Nearly 6 months in total to get chairs that were initially going to take 2 months... I'll never buy anything again from Joybird after the run-around.

    Last but not least, we purchased an Interior Define sofa. Overall the value was there and the designs are nice. However, after having it for a while now, the cushions always hold a rumpled look that isn't great for sofas that rely on clean lines and simplicity to achieve their look. I'm fairly ambivalent on ID and would need to think longer on whether I'd recommend or buy again.

    Hope those help!


      Thank you. I appreciate the detailed info.


        Some experience from buying at varying places that have both online and in store presence.

        Restoration Hardware: I would not recommend them because we have had issues with the wood finishes on their products. Add to that it can be expensive.

        Pottery Barn: We have bought from all versions (adult, teen, kids) of this store and I am happy with the purchases. It all holds up to a toddler beating them and I like the quality here. Everything is well made from my point of view.

        Wayfair: We have a rug and a couple chairs. The biggest issue is sorting through the vast catalog. Surprisingly they carry the brands that are at local furniture stores so you can price shot items. The rug was a crapshoot and turned out fine and the chairs are fine as well but we got to check out the chair brand in person.

        From a rug standpoint, I will point out that buying shaggier rugs online is a gable. We have purchased at least 4 shag type rugs, a few in person and 2 online, and the online ones were a mess. The pieces fell out quickly.

        Ikea: We have a multiple items from them and I am surprised by the durability of them. You don't get the finish of a more expensive piece but durable comes to mind.

        Lastly, take your time buying furniture in non-main rooms. You will refine your tastes over time and it will save you money. People laughed when we had outdoor wicker furniture in one room for like 6 months after we moved in but we did not really go in that room and it saved us from spending a ton on something up front we wouldn't love.


          I bought a leather sofa from Joybird that is very nice - gotten lots of compliments when people visit the house. It came with a lifetime warranty, which seems like a decent indication that it won't fall apart after a few years, or if it does that they'll replace it. Not sure all of their furniture comes with a lifetime warranty but I think all their sofas and easy chairs do.
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            I like the two sofas we have from Macy's Home. You can buy online from them, but definitely wait for a sale.

            I think living spaces also sells online and they have some ok stuff. I would say their stuff can be hit or miss so checking it out at a store would be better than buying online.