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A goose hunting adventure (contains successful harvest photos)

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    A goose hunting adventure (contains successful harvest photos)

    Went duck/goose hunting today with a friend. Sadly due to a very serious allergy with his kids, he can't have any dogs. Which isn't a YUGE deal to a lot of people, but for someone who does procure his own food, can be a I learned today.

    We had some come in, and we successfully harvested three of them. Two were done before they hit the water, but one.....was not as willing to perform as he was expected. He took off (slowly but surely) swimming in the opposite direction. Now the lack of a dog NORMALLY isn't *TOO* big an issue; the water we hunt over is relatively shallow (maybe hip-deep out quite a ways, due to a lovely sandbar, at high tide) so my friend was able to retrieve the two that fell and stayed in the shallow water.

    I drew the short straw (that's actually pronounced differently than it looks, it sounds more like "i was the one in any semblance of decent physical shape" if you say it out loud ) and hopped in the kayak to pursue the mortally wounded, but VERY tenacious--and rather large--gander.

    I caught up to him about 150-200 yards off shore, and after dispatching (hahahaha that's what YOU think sucker!!) picked him up to place him in the kayak and return. At least, that was the PLAN. Sadly, unlike Hannibal Smith, my plan did *NOT* come together. No, he was apparently just resting. After taking two shotgun blasts to the head and neck. And, friends, that goose was PISSED.

    The kayak includes a small "tow rope" that allows it to be pulled behind as one makes one's way to the water. That rope came in handy, as it allowed me, instead of battling a beak, wings, AND feet, to be able to isolate the feets, minimize the ability of the wings to do anything, and that seemed to calm him down. Nature isn't always pretty, and sadly in this instance that was certainly true.

    But in the end, the food chain remains intact, and I can very wholeheartedly say I. Earned. This. Food.

    20190119_072932 by Armed Ferret, on Flickr

    fun story by Armed Ferret, on Flickr

    And from that, we go to Fiola in downtown DC this evening for a Michelin-Star dinner. I posit that a true gentleman should be able to do both.

    You take that head everywhere!