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    Originally posted by Rawfull View Post
    I was aware of the price increase as it had been spoken about publicly for a little while leading up to it. What irks me, and I'm assuming others, the most is that although they made the announcement they did not make much of an effort (if at all) to reach out to their existing customers and make them aware of the price change.

    That being said, even at $120 with the amount of orders I make per year, subscribe & save and amazon video I'd say it's worth it for me. Prime video may not have as deep a library as other services like Netflix or Hulu but it still has quite a bit on there and even if it was priced at $6 a month (very cheap compared to competition) that would cover a good chunk of your annual prime membership costs.
    some of the prime original content is very good too.


      As a Seattleite, I'm not so much concerned with the price of prime as much as their business practices. Walmart gets so much crap, but Amazon is just as bad when it comes to the warehouse side.

      On top of that, and not just a criticism on Amazon alone, but their tax avoidance and lobbying against taxes on businesses hurt the local area. Also drives up cost of living for locals and native Seattleites get pushed out of the city.

      That said, the convenience of prime is undeniable, and I've always had great customer service from them. However, their own delivery service, Amazon Logistics, is often quite lacking as they hire pretty much just anybody with a car. I've had some of their drivers park right outside my longish driveway and go to either of my neighbor's houses, skip mine, then try to drive off, or even just dump my packages at my neighbor's house (my house number is clearly displayed over the garage and visible from the street). One even tried to abandon my package at my mailbox across the street while I was on the phone with customer service complaining about that very same driver (who claimed he didn't understand English when I came outside to tell him he's got my packages). I was lucky I was home and that Amazon had live package tracking otherwise I wouldn't have known what happened to my stuff.

      This has happened several times and I don't see that improving as apparently Amazon doesn't provide any type of training as far as how road and house numberings work (i.e. even house numbers of one side, odd ones on the other, and house numbers usually corresponding to the cross street X on Y street/ave, etc), which I think should be something very basic and necessary for delivery type of work.
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