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    Originally posted by hockeysc23 View Post
    My 2020 goals were 400lbs squat, 300 bench, and 400 deadlifts. I've been so close before injuries, so the rebuilding process I've been through and is so tough mentally. When I broke my elbow I went down to benching 25lbs dumbbells sweating and cursing like sailor. But I appreciate your advice. I went and had the best bodyweight/light dumbbell workout during this quarantine. I appreciate the reality check.
    If you are already squatting 365 and pulling 330, a 400 squat and dead probably aren't too far away anyway (depending on your bodyweight and the health of your knees, hips, and ankles). For reference, I closed that gap over the course of about four months, when I took a break from the Olympic lifts due to a repetitive injury in my shoulder, and it wasn't the worst experience. Doing lots and lots of bodyweight squats to grease the groove and to rack up some TUT points, and bodyweight hamstring curls to keep the hammies strongish, will probably go a long way in keeping you from atrophying too hard, and in general, like you said, re-gains are much easier than new gains, so all hope is not lost.

    The 300lb bench is probably trickier though. Upper body strength seems relatively hard to earn and easy to lose, and I don't know what kind of strange issues your injury will present. I suffer from a bad elbow myself, which lacks range of motion in both flexion and extension and hurts all the time for no reason, and have found that all the pushups I'm doing have been helpful in regaining some mobility and decreasing some of the nagging chronic pain. YMMV.

    BTW you're in a special club of guys who can squat more than they can deadlift, which also includes the great Kirk Karwoski. (2RM squat was 1000lb but he could "only" dead into the 800s). We're weirdos.


      Over a month without a post in here. Maybe it was to forum move? Anyhow, how is everyone doing? There were some things with work that made me stress out and just eat a bunch of sweets for a few weeks. Add to this that I was just starting doing weight work at the gym and that ended.

      Still running and enjoying that but somehow I feel like something is missing. I joked with my wife that I have been wearing workout clothes for 2 months and I do not have my actual work clothes to hold my weight accountable.


        I'm still down 15 pounds since the first week of January, from 245 to 230. Maintaining while I add some muscle. Will try and lose five more after a couple more weeks of heavy lifting, then back to heavy lifting and maintenance through the summer.
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          I am fluctuating between 171 and 175 and I am ok with that. I've hit my equilibrium and I am exactly where I want to be. A combination of:

          - Daily exercise
          - Moderating sugar intake
          - Greatly reducing alcohol intake
          - Drinking lots of water

          All the above have helped me reach my goal. Even with all of this work from home stuff, I am holding steady.


            I've held pretty steady during this time, but I've also been going into the office every day and my "routine" hasn't been effected as much as many.

            Anyone go back to the gym yet? I'm curious to see which gyms put in strict cleaning protocols and how it all shakes out moving forward.


              I haven't gone to the gym yet. But I am starting to run and cycle with small groups of friends again.

              Still not returning the office, and that likely won't happen until September at the earliest.


                Bump. 174.4 this morning.

                Still just the one ab showing.


                  I've been holding steady at 171 ~ 174 lbs. I'm happy with that. The real challenge will be keeping that weight during the winter months.