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    Where about are you staying?

    I'd add Piece Brewery to your short list. Fantastic pie and beer.

    Skip Rush and Division.

    Michigan Ave and stores on State St are a tourist must in my opinion.

    And if you're there, go to the Signature Room at Hancock. 95th foot and for the same price as a tour you can enjoy a cocktail.
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    So I'm heading to Chicago for a small holiday and am looking for suggestions. I'm looking for jazz/blues bars, good burger joints, places to see, and of course #menswear places to go.

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      [MENTION=2984]Doug Chalkey[/MENTION] so if your suggestion is to avoid Michigan and State for shopping, where do you suggest going then? I'm not sure yet where I'll be staying. Somewhere dtown is my guess.

      The Signature Room is definitely on my list though! And thanks for the brewery recommendation. I have a feeling there will be a lot of drinking and eating on this trip.


        Pequods is fantastic. I'll also throw out a recommendation for Twin Anchors: Great ribs, endorsed by Frank Sinatra among others (and featured in The Dark Knight.)
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          I went in April. Felt like I witnessed all seasons (cold, rainy, bright sunny and warm). Not to mention I only brought one pair of shoes. Ended up getting salt stains from all the rainwater run off.

          It was not crowded at all (Buckingham Fountain was not on and the area was empty, just tried to imagine a spot like that in NYC and couldn't) and the hotel rates were cheap.

          I'm a Hilton Honors member and decided to check out some hotels.

          First night stayed at the Palmer House: Very nice lobby/bar, but crowded (a few wedding parties were staying there). Supposedly that's where the first brownie was made for the World's Fair

          Second night stayed at LondonHouse. Got a vista room with view of the river. I could sit looking out the window all night. And a great rooftop. But I just checked prices and they are much higher vs when I stayed there.

          Last night stayed at Waldorf. Very nice, but I felt somewhat out of place. Overall felt more comfortable at LondonHouse.

          Had pizza at Labriola Cafe and had a Stan's Donuts next door N. Michigan Ave location

          Since it was only a quick weekend stay, I didn't have a chance to go everywhere (had wanted to check out some restaurants in the West Loop and some live music in Wicker/Lincoln Park).

          Saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

          Used the Chicago Citypass to see:

          Shedd Aquarium (okay, but the weather started to pour, so the walk there was a little rough)
          Skydeck Chicago
          Field Museum
          Art Institute (could have spent a full day here)
          Museum of Science and Industry (might be one of my favorite museums I have ever visited)

          Looking back, I could have skipped the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. Also preferred the view at Signature Room vs Skydeck, although that is personal opinion. Sort of how I prefer Bar SixtyFive/Top of the Rock vs WTC/Empire State Building.

          Instead of 360 Chicago I went to the Signature Room

          If you are interested in architecture I definitely recommend the boat tour. I also checked out the Harold Washinton Library Center (Winter Garden was closed that day though) , did The Rookery tour and the Robbie House Tour

          There is actually a Brooks Brothers in the Rookery Building. I can't remember if the atrium is open to the public though

          Also went to a Cubs game, and had intended to go to Green Mill, but with a rain delay at the game, it was too late. A coworker of mine had suggested Laugh Factory, but I didn't have a chance to check it out.

          For burgers, I had wanted to check out Au Chevall and Acadia
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            If you want that skyline view, I highly recommend the signature room versus going to a dedicated sky deck. you spend the same for a nice cocktail at the signature room on the 95th floor of the Hancock versus paying just to go up in the Sears Tower.


              Great suggestion everyone. Quickly..

              The Green Mill - very cool. Loved the atmosphere.
              DMK burger - pretty damn tasty
              Lou Malnati's - pizza was good. A small fed the two of us
              Cindy's rooftop bar - great view and not a bad cocktail
              Signature room - great view

              Many other stops and spots too. Thanks everyone. I will definitely be going back to Chicago. What a great tourist city.


                Great to read that.....