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Anybody have tips for buying mattresses? Online? In person? Etc?

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    Thanks for all the help on this. We ended up buying a mid-range hybrid "cushion firm" mattress in person; i.e, inner springs with a cushion of gel-infused foam over the springs. Supposedly the gel helps keep the foam cool.

    It gets delivered on Friday, so how we sleep on it is yet to be determined.

    Consumer Reports was very helpful, so thank you to whoever suggested that.

    Correction: "Luxury Firm", not "cushion firm".
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      Chiming in here.

      I purchased a Purple mattress back in July and love it so much we bought a second for a guest room. It's firm, but soft, and has no heat retention issues. You WILL need to update your pillows if you're a side sleeper, as your shoulders tend to sink in a little more than with a normal spring mattress.


        The mattress we bought online was a hybrid and we got the "medium" firmness which is comfortable, but too soft for us. My wife and I just prefer a firmer mattress so It's going back. We bought the mattress without going to the showroom to try it out first because they were having a pretty decent labor day sale. So the deal is we have to wait 30 days and then we can exchange the mattress we have for one we like better. Within that 30 days we're going to actually go to the showroom and try out mattresses to see which one we like best.

        The company we bought from is Nest. We saved about $1,000 over buying a similar mattress from Macy's. We didn't shop around at any other mattress stores because seriously fuck that.


          I bought mine after reading through the suggested pages and forums

          Ended up with a bed from Spindle. Happy with it so far. My review https://www.themattressunderground.c...le-review.html

          To get pointed in a general direction, maybe try the match quiz on this site


            I've been lucky to not have ever purchased a mattress that made me feel uncomfortable. Only thing that bugs me after a while are memory foam toppers which tend to get too hot, but I've had to compromise in the past due to sharing a bed with girlfriend. The last one I bought a couple of years ago I ended up getting a pretty good deal I feel, on a Serta at Big Lots. It says PERFECT SLEEPER on the label so I'm assuming that's the model?? Not sure but I'm happy with it; pretty damn firm yet not too stiff. I get great sleep and it stays surprisingly cool as long as the sheets are good quality cool cotton, even in the hottest of summer days where I live which tend to get 75-80 degrees overnight. I got it at 20% off with their seasonal sale that they get every couple of months and it ended up being like $900 total for a king size.


              Originally posted by FargoDandy View Post
              Only caution on foam mattresses is that they might not perform as well in activities performed in bed, besides sleeping, as spring mattresses. All about personal preference but something learned from experience during a trial period of the widely internet marketed foam beds. Sleep is important but so are other things... like reading, etc.
              i wish there was a "like" button. This is hilarious...and true.


                Oh man, I bought the Alexander Hybrid in medium last year and it is STILL one of the best purchases I have ever made. My girlfriend is annoyed at me because every night I go to sleep and comment on how much I love the bed haha. Enjoy!


                  Originally posted by Deke View Post
                  Yeah, I've never really looked into it, but it does feel like it would be a major hassle to return a mattress. Especially if it's something like Casper where they come vacuum sealed and expand when you open it.
                  It's not like you have to put it back in the box, they send someone to pick it up, per Casper's website "For larger items, please contact us. We'll work with you to arrange a pickup through a local charity or recycling partner and refund you in full."

                  Leesa who I bought mine from and have been happy with also arranges for someone to pick it up from your home.