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    Andy Williams - Moon River

    Andy Williams died yesterday, Sept. 25 at 84. 'Moon River' is most famously associated with him.


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      Recently got the new Passion Pit album as well as the Imagine Dragons album. Both pretty good, but nothing crazy (and both sorta the mainstream alternative that's popular these days).


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        "I didn't think he was going to sing "Moon River" and then BAM! second encore!"

        -Nelson Muntz


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          Mad Men is where the good tunes were at:


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            Stuck in my head today : Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks.



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              I've been listening to a piece by Brahms I'm doing for my university chorus. "Schicksalslied." So powerful.


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                @hornsup: New Passion Pit album!? Jeez how did I miss that. I was playing "Manners" non stop a few months before the new album was released so I haven't been listening to them much recently. Time to go check it out!


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                  Like most people, I don't care for Kanye West's personality. That said, I won't deny he has made some great songs.

                  The video (directed by Spike Jonze and Kanye West) is a bit dark and wicked, which I think pairs great with the song. Not to mention, I think it is one of the best rap instrumentals of the past decade or more.

                  Kanye West - Flashing Lights



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                    Makes two of us. I cannot stop listening to that song (and the album as a whole).


                    I feel the same way, I didn't even listen to My Dark Twisted Fantasy until last month because he's so insufferable. Hate to say it but goddamn is that a good CD.

                    That said, currently listening to Jay-Z "Diamond is Forever". Seeing him next month in Brooklyn, so I'm pretty pumped.


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                      In the last two weeks I got the new Dave Matthews Band and the new Mumford and Sons albums. Both are beyond solid.


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                        Frank Ocean - Swim Good



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                          iTunes Festival is pretty fantastic, in my opinion.

                          Several great artists and bands are part of this year's including Ellie Goulding, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Muse, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, and many more.

                          Check it out here (if you have iTunes):

                          Or info here:

                          Currently listening to the Lana Del Rey set:



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                            New Mumford & Sons album. It's super good.

                            @Jessy - that's been stuck in my head all day too!


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                              @Shift -- yeah, it snuck up on me too. I think it came out in July and I hadn't heard much about it. The reason I actually found out about it was that Doritos Taco Taco Bell commercial with the various photos of the tacos... I thought the song was good and thought it sounded like PP... Shazamed it and turns out that song is on the album.


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                                Really liking this one lately:

                                Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (grooveshark link)

                                Sort of reminds me of Mumford and Sons

                                EDIT: Crap. Jessy beat me to it. Here's another to make up for that:

                                Electric Guest - This Head I Hold - heard this as an intro to a wedding reception and really liked it