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    Santa Fe, Beirut

    Everyone needs a summer anthem, Wiz Khalifa's The Thrill

    Brilliant song from a brilliant Kurt Vile album, albeit a bit morose

    A Zeppelin classic that encourages speeding tickets. Be mindful not to put a hole in your Strands due to foot tapping.

    Bahamas ... like Jack Johnson minus the flip flops and banana pancakes.

    Oldie but brilliant Quannum

    Now you've eargasmed. Enjoy a post audio coitus cigarette.



      Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing



        The Killers - All These Things That I've Done

        I think the video is great. Very fitting to their Nevada origins.



          Alma Desnuda - Middleway (nice little local band):

          It's a nice song, with good harmonies. (And unfortunately, perfectly matches my mood right now :/ )



            Gangnam Style by Psy. Only because every freaking shop,corner, nook and cranny in Korea is playing that song.



              Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds


              Just watched Intolerable Cruelty and it brought this one back to my head.



                H&M's Lana Del Rey cover of Blue Velvet and its David Lynch inspired video:




                  Running on Fumes - Gabe Dixon


                  Gabe is AMAZING on the keys...

                  My side "job"
                  Simple, elegant, pocket squares and ties



                    @Andrew, Gabe Dixon is really good. I like "All Will Be Well" a lot.



                      Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen



                        Imagine Dragons EP is on heavy rotation. It's great and has amazing variety.

                        The Lumineers "Ho Hey" is a staple of late as well.

                        Dropkick Murphy's "Going Out in Style" has to be on your next workout playlist.



                          My wife and I have seen Gabe in concert a half dozen times. His live stuff really lets him shine. And because he's not super mainstream, he usually plays in small venues where you can get an up close view.

                          My side "job"
                          Simple, elegant, pocket squares and ties



                            The new albums by The XX and Beach House have been spinning a lot on my turntable.



                              Really enjoying a bunch of William Fitzsimmons' work.

                              So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix) -

                              Goodmorning (Pink Ganter Remix) -

                              Psychasthenia -

                              I Don't Feel It Anymore -



                                (Leaked song) Lana Del Rey - Hollywood's Dead


                                I really like the chorus lyrics ("Hollywood's Dead, Elvis is crying, Marilyn's sad, Hendrix is lying there") which cleverly and disturbingly adds in the different names of famous Hollywood dead stars each time the chorus rolls (Hollywood's dead, Elvis is crying, Lennon wake up, Cobain stop lying there"). All in relation as usual to the tragic outlook of all of Lana Del Rey's writing from her 'Hollywood sadcore' style.