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    Okay, I just became obsessed with some "classical" music of the likes of Johann Strauss, Claude Debussy, etc. I think I'll need to do some research and find more composers of that era. So if you're looking for something classy and sophisticated, you need not look any further.



      For classical, this is my all time favorite piece:

      Symphony No. 3 In C Minor, Op. 78 "Organ"

      Makes me think of Mont St. Michel:



        I like all kinds of music (rock, jazz, classical, funk, African) but am primarily an "indie" guy (or "hipster bullshit" as tomservo so acutely calls it). I haven't bought nearly as much music this year as I did last, but here are some of this year's albums I've really enjoyed:

        Beach House - Bloom

        Japandroids - Celebration Rock

        High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis (metal!!)

        The Walkmen - Heaven

        Torche - Harmonicraft

        Rush - Clockwork Angels (yes, I also like Rush)

        My favorite albums from last year are probably P.J. Harvey's "Let England Shake" and Real Estate's "Days."



          My tastes are fairly classic indie rock: Sonic Youth; B-52's; Yo La Tengo; Talking Heads; Deerhoof; Magnetic Fields; Fleetwood mac; Sleater-Kinney. I want to get into more bands whose best work is likely to be ahead of them, but really finding it hard to discover anybody contemporary that I'm love with.



            Glad to see this thread and looks like I have some bands to check out. Here is a list of things I have been listening lately.

            MxPx - one of my favorite bands of all time

            Motion City Soundtrack

            The Decemberists

            The Format



            Twenty One Pilots



            Frank Turner

            The Riverboat Gamblers


            Two Cow Garage

            Go Radio

            Let Me Run




              LOVE John Butler Trio



                @Matt - The new Japandroids album is face-meltingly awesome and their live show is something to behold.

                @maccoinnich - Two bands for you to check out. 1. Dirty Projectors. Each new album builds on the last. Bitte Orca is a good place to start and Swing Low Magellan came out last week. David Byrne is a fan and collaborated with them on the song Knotty Pine.

                2. Grizzly Bear - Hardly underground as their last album Veckatimest was arguably the best album of 2009 and have been featured in numerous commercials but they are gearing up for their next album in the fall and the bits I've heard has been great.

                To bring this to a close, two other good albums came out yesterday. Passion Pit - Gossamer. Didn't quite grab me like Manners did but still worth a listen and The Gaslight Anthem's new one Handwritten. A more proper follow up to The '59 Sound which includes a great cover of Nirvana's Sliver.

                Dress for style, live for results.



                  As mentioned in my list was the band Two Cow Garage. I feel like I should expand on this. They are a band based out of Columbus Ohio and are almost always touring either as a band or the lead singer does solo stuff. They are totally worth checking out. Genre wise it's hard to pin point for me but it is rock with almost a country undertone in some of their songs. Very high energy and amazing song writing. Singer has a very unique sound I know the name is kind of goofy but I have a feeling that most will not be disappointed based on most of the lists that people have put out there. They usually cover Tom Petty or Bob Dylan at their shows. Check em out and see them live if you have the chance.



                    I like Carly Rae Jepsen. *ducks*



                      I'm a big fan of punk, post-punk, and noise-rock; so much so that I took a DJ training program at the local community radio station and pitched a show I've now been hosting for over a year.

                      Here's the most recent playlist:



                        Wow, now I know I'm on the right forum with all the great musical taste shown here! Nice to be among like-minded fans of indie rock, post-punk, noise-rock, etc.



                          @tomservo Thanks. I actually love Veckatimest, and have been listening to it on repeat at work for the last few weeks. I never quite got into Dirty Projectors, despite seeing them live in 2008.



                            @Deke, I know, right? I want to see them live sometime, they seem to do really good shows.

                            @thinker_random, The Format/fun. are super good!

                            Also, Eric Hutchinson anyone? One of the best singer/songwriters around.