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    I get a cut roughly 3-5 weeks at about $30. I dunno if it is because I am asian, but i find that any kind of gatsby clay works best for me. It is a japanese brand. Though if you have oily hair it won't hold up well on hot days



      Short on time, so I didn't read through the other posts, but I wanted to chime in here.

      I've got the ivy league haircut as well, but I have it tapered a bit shorter and on the sides (clipper length: 1), and longer on the top.

      I go to Floyd's 99 Barber Shop, which is a chain in my neck of the woods (Texas), and I use the same stylist each time. It typically costs me $25-$35, depending on how much I can spare for the tip. More if I buy product. I typically go once every 4-6 weeks (far too long for my hair).

      I use a mixture of two products, which helps tame my thick, wavy hair: American Crew Forming Cream and Tea Tree Grooming Pomade. My hair gets puffy if I don't use any product, so I run some of the pomade through it first. It isn't sticky or greasy in my hair. It actually leaves it pretty soft, and it tames the flyaways. But I did have to get used to the smell at first. Then I finish it with a tiny amount of the forming cream. I use this to get the bangs to stay back and the part to stay clean. But it is really greasy, so I use only nearly a pea size amount and emulsify it by rubbing it between my finger tips before putting it on my hair.



        I do have to agree that the Crew Forming Cream is a great product. But only works great on shorter hair. I'm looking for something that will make my hair look pliable and less greasy since I'm letting it grow a little longer nowadays. I find that if I put too much of it now it becomes to shiny and frizzy. My hair is just a tad bit shorter than this now:

        But I still find it to be a little difficult to apply that product. Anyone have recommendations for longer hair and how to make it a little more "malleable"? :-/

        The look I'm going for is a little like this..



          I used to get a buzz cut every time I went for a hair cut but have been trying to mix things up recently. I have really think hair and a really small frame physically (5"4 and slim), so my hair ends up looking all poofey and big if I let it grow out. I've been trying to find a middle ground where I can still part it and it's still not too "long." Want my haircut to look professional (statistician) but still be "hip" as I'm young (26). I usually get a haircut every 4 weeks.

          The only products I use are Billy Jealousy Pomade. I really like BJ's products after getting a sample of their liquisand face moisturizer. Just incredible stuff.



            @damenefreghista I would suggest the Tea Tree Grooming Pomade. Even if I use a generous amount, it doesn't leave my hair really greasy. But it does give it a nice shine. But I really haven't had my hair that long. Still I can't imagine using all those pastes and putties, and definitely not the forming cream. You could always try Brylcreem... That's what my dad always used.

            Anyway, here's how my hair typically looks after a haircut: