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    Haha, sounds like I'll have to pick up some Axe cream.

    I get it cut about 4-6 weeks usually. I find it takes me about two weeks to grow into a fresh cut, before then it's just way too frizzy. It's generally about $20 here with a tip, though I haven't been here long enough to have a consistent place.



      It sounds like I have different hair than most people on here. I've gone with the long and disheveled look most of my life. It's more kept now, but still long. I also use an Axe product ("Messy"). Was only slightly embarrassed when I purchased it. It's lasting me forever.



        The best move I ever made (and one I used to swear I would never do) was shave my head. My hair is incredibly thick and wavy, your typical "surfer" style hair when it grows out. (In fact, the "Zack Malibu" name stems from two nicknames the hairstyle earned me...Zack Morris and Malibu). Over the years I'd cut it shorter, but I would have to go every three weeks TOPS to get it to stay trim. Finally, one day I walked into the barber (an old Italian guy now in his 80's who has been cutting my hair for years), told him to shave it off with a number 1, and haven't looked back since. With my recent addition of a beard (shaved/trimmed with a number 2, so it's more stubbly than full) it's a perfect look for me. I've contemplated growing my hair out at times, but I really don't have the patience anymore. I still go to the barber every other week to get a shave. Only costs me $12 ($10 haircut, $2 tip).



          I do my hair similar to George Clooney there, but I'm pretty bad at scheduling haircuts so it tends to swing from slightly shorter than that, to quite a bit longer. I probably run 6-8 weeks between haircuts. I finally found a stylist I like who can give me a decent haircut every time, though.

          My trouble has been finding styling products. I've experimented with a few things, but have yet to find the miracle product that is simultaneously affordable, has decent hold, is non-shiny, and doesn't make my hair feel like a wax helmet at the end of the day. I have a LOT of hair but my actual hairs are very fine and thin, so it tends to get a fluffy look if I don't use some kind of product. My fallback is just to work a daub of ordinary body lotion into my hair. That at least keeps the fuzziness at bay.

          I've buzzed my own hair before, pretty often actually, though not in the past couple years. I'd be tempted to do it regularly but it makes me look either too young or too much like a skinhead. Plus I've got a pretty good chance of going bald someday anyway, so I feel like I should enjoy the hair I've got, while I've got it.




            @BenR, I'm in a similar boat. I have a lot of hair, mostly fine, that gets frizzy. The best product I've found is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. It is a bit pricey up front (about $17 for a tub), but it lasts a long time. You only need a tiny amount. I had my last tub (no joke) for almost a year.

            It holds well all day, is matte finish, not hard or waxy and your hair can be restyled if need be since it is kind of in between wax and pomade.

            Also, it smells good.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              @BenR: American Crew makes the best hair products, hands down (IMO). Try their Forming Cream. I LOVE the stuff...

              That being said, I wish I could do a part like that (Clooney), but my hair is thick and curly. Any other ideas for styling?



                I have curly hair too - I'm using a Suave product that helps define the curls and keeps it tamed.



                  I have a mostly bald spot on the top of my head and a receding hairline (don't feel bad for me, I'm also ridiculously good looking :P). I try to keep it about 1.5 inches long and side-part it. I really want to buzz it, but I don't want to mess with it until I graduate, which happens in a few weeks. Been meaning to for a long time, but never had quite enough incentive, since Rogaine stopped my hair loss a few years back.



                    I've never found someone with Rogaine experience (who talked about it). Basically - does it work? Do you have to use it daily? I fret about losing my hair some day, so I worry about these things. =)



                      I have REALLY difficult hair. It's red, super thick, kinda curly, and a little coarse. Over the years, I've been to everyone from $50 stylists to $15 dollar barbers but never really been satisfied with any of them. I've tried lots of styles from short to long and I've actually found that when I leave it a little longer it tends to stay down better. Right now I have a sort of slightly messy "school boy" cut with short bangs in the front pushed to one side. I've been meaning to try something different but can't decide what to try.

                      As for products, I go with styling cream. I have one made for curly hair that works pretty well. I've tried the axe kind and hated it. Too sticky for me.



                        @nicholascrawford I fear losing my hair a bit, even at 19. Because of this, I follow the advancements a bit. Turns out, a true prevention may be on the way thanks to UPenn.



                          I usually use the rogaine once a day, when I am getting ready for bed. Really supposed to use it twice a day, but I rarely remember. I felt like my hair got a bit thicker once I started using it. I couldn't tell you exactly how well it works, since I don't know what my hair would look like if I hadn't been using it for the last 3-4 years. I don't really feel like I have lost much of any in that time, though.



                            I've got a good shot at going bald - my mom's dad was bald from a teenager, as are both my maternal uncles and several of my male cousins on my mom's side.

                            But I've made it to 25 (and my brother to 27) without balding yet, so maybe we both managed to beat the odds. My dad's 60 and he's still got a full head of hair, as did his dad 'til the day he died. So maybe that's how we'll roll. Or maybe it will just happen down the road sometime. I'm not too worried, either way - I'm planning on going full shaved if and when I start losing my hair.

                            One of my cousins started shaving his head a few years back. I'm not sure, but I suspect it's because he started balding. It looks fine and it's given him total control over his image - no one who knows him will ever remember him as going bald, only as having a full head of hair and later having gone clean-shaven by choice.




                              The best hair product I've found is the Bumble & Bumble Sumotech. It's expensive, but lasts forever and emulsifies easily in your hands. I've fast learned that with hair product, less is more.


                              American Crew used to make a tea tree styling paste that was awesome but they discontinued it. I've never found a shampoo better than the American Crew stuff, especially if you get a lot exercise - or are a chronic sweater - and have to wash your hair everyday.

                              I'm really trying to get my haircut every four weeks, that's what ultimately makes a difference.



                                I second Kittiwake's B&B Sumotech reco for shorter hair, definitely a great product. I've grown out my hair so I had to switch to something with a little less of a hold, but would easily go back that direction if I go short again.