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    The hair thread

    I'm curious, how do you guys do your hair? Do you have a consistent barber, or do you go to a larger operation? How often do you get a cut and what do you do to keep it looking fresh in between? Do you use any product?

    Personally, after looking up the names, I guess I'd say I have what's called an "Ivy League" haircut. I usually comb it up out of the forehead and to the side. I've been trying to part it more recently, but it's tough to get it right. I don't use product, but I've been recently considering it. This is basically what I'm going for, without the grey:

    (I could have a whole post on how I'd love to emulate Clooney).

    So what do you guys do to keep your head as dapper as your body?


    I have the same barber every time I go. usually every 3-4 weeks. #3 on the sides up to about an inch and a half on top. usually a little pomade in the front to keep my bangs out of my face and swept up and to the side



      I actually cut (well, clip) my own hair. I've done it for about two years now and very good at it. But my hair is really thick - I don't use any product or even comb it. After showering and drying, I usually just kinda push my hair to one side and that's it. Throughout the day I'll brush my hair with my hand.

      I guess what I'm getting at is this: my hair care is extremely low maintenance. I do clip/cut it once every 4-6 weeks or whenever I feel like a change.



        @chern, I'm impressed. I'm scared to even do an occasional touchup, I can't imagine cutting my own hair. :P



          Right now it is like this (minus the grey... and handsome):

          Y'know, that up in the front, but overall well-kept look?

          A bit of styling cream allover to keep it from its desire to go bushy (I have lots of thick, straight hair). Cut every three to four weeks with the same stylist woman at a salon for about six or seven years.



            @Cannon, what cream do you use? I have really thick hair too, and I get a bunch of "flyaway" hairs, especially where the top and back meet.



              I've been doing the "Ivy League" look for quite some time now. I've recently had to switch up barbers, but ususally I get a #2 on the sides, tapered, and blended with the top at about 1.5" if I had to guess. I try to go every 2 weeks, 3 weeks is pushing it.

              Fixing it is pretty easy. I've been using American Crew Fiber, and using my hands. No combs.



                like this, and I do it myself with a double-edged safety razor.



                  @ChrisW - Hah, love the supervillan look.

                  I like to wear my hair a little different each time so I just get the sides trimmed down with the top a little longer so it's at its most versatile. I'm loathed to admit this, but after having 'Murican Crew pomade as my normal go-to, I ran out on a trip so had to duck into a Walmart and ended up picking this:


                  An Axe styling product. And I'll be honest - it's awesome. Matte finish, not a stiff hold; put a little on after a towel dry and style it 40 minutes later. The price is damn good and I'm almost embarrassed to be using it. But it works really well.



                    At the risk of sounding like a Bro, the Axe hair stuff does generally work pretty well. My hair is naturally wavy and with all the humidity we have in the area its extremely prone to sticking out everywhere and anywhere.

                    What do you guys pay for a trim/haircut? Every couple of weeks is 2x a month and a haircut + tip is about 16-20$ here. Thats a good bit of change every month. I do it about once a month, but will also trim some places myself in between to keep it in check.



                      Agree on the axe -- I'm currently using some most expensive stuff, but I used axe stuff a time or two ago that worked pretty well.

                      For timing, I have a little longer hair it seems than most on here. Side part, a little fratty but still pretty clean cut (but longer than Clooney for sure). I go about every 2.5-3 weeks, but I have an annual membership to a place here in NYC so the actual cut (which would run way more expensive than I'm willing to admit) is free, but I still pay around $20 each time in tips (they also shampoo, head massage, manicure and shine shoes as part of the cut, so there are a decent amt of people involved).



                        I've been trying to grow my hair a bit longer on top for a few months now, though I'm not sure where exactly I want to take it. My hair is very thick and wavy and doesn't take well to any hair products I've tried, which doesn't help. I've been keeping the back and sides in check myself with a trimmer, but if I don't get to a place I like in another month or two I'm just going to go to a salon type place and get some suggestions. I just don't want to get the same barbershop-standard short haircut I've been getting for over 20 years



                          @Jordan I lucked out - there's a Best Cuts near me with a girl that's pretty good. (Can't think of a way of saying this where she doesn't sound like a prostitute...ah well) I use her pretty regularly because she knows what I like. Hrm.

                          So, 17 bucks every 5-7 weeks? I really don't like the 'fresh haircut' look/feel, so I let it grow a little shaggy and get it trimmed back to where it still looks a little overgrown. Not sure how short you have it, but I find that the shorter you go, the quicker you notice a change, where if you have it a little longer, it's not as noticeable. Maybe that'll help?



                            I do the same exact thing as Lane. Every 2 weeks I get a #2 on the sides, blended into the top and just a trim on top. I have to do it often, because my hair likes to stick straight out, so if I don't the sides looks sloppy.

                            I also use that Axe stuff. I like it because after it dries it looks a bit like gel (defined sections of hair) but after I touch it, it looks like there is not product in my hair but it stays in place.



                              @thmage I hate to admit it, but after trying a slew of products over the years from my salon's brand to American Crew to some others in the stores, I have been using the Axe line for a long while now. It quite brilliantly dries in a way that makes it appear as though you don't use anything. While there are others that do this, they have been fairly ineffective for me, or they felt too transforming to the feel of my hair.

                              I had classmates who didn't realize until they asked after months of knowing me that I used something in my hair to make it decent.

                              I'm sure I'll keep trying out more this summer, but my sure bet is Axe (a few different ones work well and effectively, but my usual buy is the 'Spiked-Up Look' which basically means it is a cream with some strength. Dries matte and touchable (and it doesn't make spikes in my use, despite the name).