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    Computer Backup Solutions

    [MENTION=10629]Mr. Charles[/MENTION] and [MENTION=13399]DocDave[/MENTION], I'd be interested in hearing more details on what you guys (or anyone else) are doing to backup your data. I've had one close call with a dying hard drive and one bad experience with Windows built in back up program. I'd like a dependable, robust back up system. What you got?

    I have a Buffalo NAS with a 3TB hard drive in it (I need to pick up a second one and set up RAID1 for HDD redundancy). I also have an old Win7 PC in a closet that runs my firewall VM and has a 2TB hard drive.

    I use Acronis True Image Cloud as the backup software. I have it scheduled to backup the system hard drive in my desktop to the NAS every night. It also backs it up to the closet PC. So two local copies, every night. Note: for the average user, daily backups might be overkill, but since I moved to SSD and Windows 10 I've had nothing but trouble. I've had at least 3 Windows corruptions that required starting over to fix. So I play it safe, and back up daily.

    In addition to that, I use the included Acronis Cloud storage option to make a weekly back up of my entire system (system drive, and my storage drive which contains non-critical data like Steam games, movies, etc...).

    So in short, I end up with 2 daily local backups of my critical data, and one weekly remote back up of everything. This protects me against SSD failure, NAS failure, second backup location (closet PC) failure, and if the very worst should happen and my house burns to the ground or something, I have the remote cloud backup as a last resort.

    I'm not paid by Acronis for this. I don't get any kickback or free software or anything. Acronis has saved my butt multiple times, so I'm just a satisfied customer who's been burned in the past by inadequate backup solutions.
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      I have a 3TB Seagate network drive sitting off my router that backups however often TimeMachine works. I have no complaints but from time to time my iMac can't connect to the drive because of a TimeMachine issue. If the iMac goes in to sleep mode while the backup is happening, then it can't reconnect. I solve the issue by signing the iMac out of TimeMachine and then back in.

      I also have a large library of music and photos. They are starting to take up room on my iMac HD so I am no migrating them off to an external, long term storage. For this I am using 2 x 3TB Raid 1 setup with a Qnap TS-231. I've put the Qnap on my router and will use it to setup some kind of automated file copy from my iMac to the NAS.

      I can't comment on the Qnap setup because when I put the drives in this weekend they didn't initialize in the Qnap I ended up taking the drives back to where I bought them and the sales guy was going to run some diagnostics on the drives because they are supposed to be compatible with the Qnap. I can keep you posted on how that goes.

      The Qnap is likely overkill. But I see the number of photos I take and store going up in the coming years and I wanted to build in some future proofing. I figure the Qnap, with the removable drive bays, will be good for that/this.



        [MENTION=6764]thedrake[/MENTION] what did you end up running with?


          I have a WD external hard drive and I need to set up something like Acronis and/or SyncBack. The WD software that came with the hard drive is really frustrating and I'd like to ditch it.


            I finally have my QNap TS-231 up and running. And I'm mixed about it. Yes the NAS does what it should and my files have been backed up.

            But what I'm not happy about is a) the lag time when setting up new folders. It can take upwards of 20~30 second before the new folder appears. And b) the system doesn't seem to go to sleep. I have shut off as many services as I can, and still nothing. I've tried the forums but so far I haven't found them to be all that helpful.

            That aside, the system is working fine and I have no complaints.