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mobile phone woes—how not to do a half marathon

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    mobile phone woes—how not to do a half marathon

    Dapper gents,

    So my phone took a little dip in the drink. On Saturday, a boat from my rowing team participated in a regatta in Maryland, where you go around an island, for a total distance of 13.1 miles. This is LONG for a row (normal distances are between 1 and 5k, or about half to 3 miles). I drew short straw and served as cox. It's a weird "course", so the coach recommended I take the phone for GPS and comms purposes, in a ziploc bag.

    Good news: We won! Over 1.75 hours of rowing, we won by 6 seconds:
    (I tried to post the results photo; no dice.)

    Bad news: ziploc bag had a hole, phone got hit by brackish water, phone is dead (repair shop tried a bunch of stuff; it's dead; don't try to tell me to get it fixed; the motherboard is kaput).

    So I have to get a new iPhone. Model aside, anyone have advice or input on whether to grab the new model via my carrier's store or via the Apple store? I'm on AT&T, and there are stores for each in the area (Washington DC). I know I'm upgrade eligible with the carrier, and I know that when you buy from Apple via installment, they include Applecare (bundled, not free). Any other wrinkles that people have hit?