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    Fitness thread

    Anybody here a fitness nut? I thought it might be fun to have a thread to talk about fitness topics, since we all know all clothing looks better on you if you're in shape!

    As for me, I try and do some lifting/cardio a few times a week, and bike in the warmer months. I did something to make my shoulder really sore recently (probably a combination of stepping up my workouts and sleeping on it funny), so as I'm starting to work out again I'm trying a low-weight, slow-movement, higher-rep workout to see how that goes.

    Any good fitness tips, thoughts, stories, or just want to tell everyone about your workout routine, post it here!


    I've been doing Stronglifts 5x5 with a coworker since January, so we go 3x a week at lunch. I've been doing karate for almost 4 years and started doing jiujitsu after class one night a week a few months ago, so I'm often sore and bruised.

    I'm just getting back into running. I trained up and ran a half marathon last spring, then got lazy over the summer and hurt my leg in karate last fall. Every time I ran it would hurt and make me change my gait so my knee would ache. Just adding running back in as a warmup before lifting.

    So yeah, I'm trying to get back into shape after putting on some holiday pounds.



      Me and the wife have been doing P90X for the last couple of months. So, far I'm down from a 48/50 long to 46 and I have one 44L (it has generous proportions) as well. The routine is pretty good, good mix of cardio and resistance training. After we had our son and I started my masters I gained about 80lbs. Slowly working that off.

      A good work out and dietary plan is the Abs Diet. The editor of Men's Health co-wrote it and it works. I did it about 7 or so years ago and got in pretty good shape. You can get the book on amazon for a pretty cheap compared to similar books.

      I kicked boxed for many years but bad knees and weight gain have impeded me doing that, hopefully when I drop more weight I can kick start that up again (bad pun intended).



        I was really into weightlifting throughout high school and college. After I graduated college I got into distance running and I've been into it ever since. I normally run 3-4 days a week and run 5K's, 10K's, and half-marathons. I'm also a registered dietitian and sports nutrition is a big interest of mine.



          I run pretty regularly and just finished my 2nd half marathon last week. I finally got serious about my exercise last June/July and dropped about 50 pounds up till now. I generally try to get at least an hour in of cardio/weightlifting 5 days a week. Sticking to fresh foods (aka not fried, fast food, ect.) and just generally eating less combined with the workouts has gotten me here.

          A big one for me was cutting out that late night snack shortly before bed. Even though a lot of times it was after a workout, it still was a bad habit as anything eaten that late goes straight to storage.

          Naturally once I was looking and feeling much better, I ended up wanting to show that feeling off through nice clothes, hence my arrival here...



            Runner-Guy and Ounce, you guys read that book Born to Run. Great story and interesting opinions on the whole "barefoot" running movement. I got some Vibram 5 Finger cross trainers, extremely comfortable and I feel that they did make a positive difference in my running (especially with bad knees) but at the end of the day I just cant convince my body to run



              I need help from you fitness nuts ! I'm an avid road cyclist, but my upper body lacks definition. I tried the good ol' weight lifting, but it bores the hell out of me. Also tried P90X, but I couldn't do plyometrics since people live downstairs and there's a lot of jumping involved.

              I'm considering going to classes at a nearby gym, but I'm still looking for alternatives (ideally to save money). Any other ideas for me ?



                I did weight training in college, but I've never really been one for cardio - partially because it's boring for me and partially because of a back injury in high school that prevents me from running very far or bouncing around to much without incurring a back ache.

                After graduation, I was in league softball, but I haven't really done much in the way of physical activity in years.

                We've fitted out one of the spare bedrooms as a home gym with a (rather nice) spin bike, a full set of resistance bands, an ipod dock, and TV w/ DVD player, but we haven't been using any of it like we should. I keep saying "I'll start this week", but this week never comes.



                  @Jessy: Have you considered resistance bands? Bodylastics is a very popular brand:


                  They can reasonably simulate a large number of weight training exercises. You can do it while you watch TV if it's boring. or if you like, they also make workout videos to follow along with.



                    What I didn't like about weight lifting is the repetition, just standing there lifting weights. If I have to watch TV at the same time to make it less boring, then it's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something more...engaging ?



                      @ Jessy, you can substitute the Plyo with Cardio X or even Kempo X. If you are looking at upper body definition the push/pull concept that P90X touts is a good one. Push-ups, pull-ups, resistance band training, these are all good options and mixed in the P90x program. Not sure if you have the booklet that comes with the DVDs but it shows different workout programs utilizing the P90X discs. For example thre is one specifically designed at leaning out, aptly named P90X Lean. I think there is one for more definition.



                        @Jessy: That's precisely what I hate about stationary bikes and treadmills.



                          @Jessy I second Alan's suggestion, and I just ordered some Bodylastics bands last night! Everything I've heard about them has been really great, plus you can order a whole set (I got the set that simulates up to 202 lb) for ~$80 and compared to the cost, and space that dumbbells take up its an awesome deal

                          I live in an apartment building on campus now and I know what you mean about not being able to do the plyometrics part when theres downstairs neighbors haha I started P90x a couple weeks ago and hopefully I'll be able to follow the workout more precisely in the summer when I don't have classes all day and night, but it's definitely a great workout....great idea for a thread btw Trash



                            @CJJ No I haven't read that book, thanks for the reccomendation. Regarding the "barefoot"/Five fingers thing, I've always stayed away as a friend who regulary runs full marathons and upwards of 80-90 miles a week disparaged them as a bit of a gimmick.

                            Then again I've also heard from other people great things so I would be inclined to say if it works for you, by all means!

                            Regarding the motivation thing for everyone, It really is a willpower thing even after you have reached a decent level of shape. Its never a cakewalk. Ultimately however experience has taught me that I've never come out of a good workout not feeling much better than when I started. Knowing that is the motivation I kick myself with when I'm contemplating a break/night off or basically am just being lazy.



                              I find cardio more boring than lifting for some reason. Listening to music or podcasts helps, or having a TV on in the background, but I think part of it is just sticking with it until you start to get addicted, and then lifting is a hobby, not a bore