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Things Not to Miss in Portland, OR?

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    Things Not to Miss in Portland, OR?

    I'm going to be in Portland visiting a friend this Thursday through Monday. Anything I should check out while I'm there... whether Dappered related or otherwise? Thanks for any suggestions!



    I got married there at the Adrianna Ballroom. =)

    Here's a guide my wife put together before our wedding:

    Downtown Portland

    So much to do! Walk along the Riverfront. Shop along NE 23rd St or at Pioneer Place. Hang out around Pioneer Courthouse Square - a European-style plaza that regularly hosts music and public events. And make sure to take a hop on Portland's mass-transit MAX Light Rail trains.

    International Rose Gardens

    One of visitors' favorite sights - an enormous test garden that offers a fantastic view and wonderful smells. It's free to roam around and there are lots of green spaces so pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery. [might be early in the season for this]

    Pearl District

    Lots of eclectic shops, galleries and restaurants in this part of the city!

    World Forestry Center

    Adults: $7 Kids: $4

    Portland Saturday Market

    Under the Burnside Bridge - open Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 11am-4:30pm

    It's one of the great things the city offers every weekend - it's really fun to walk around and see all the homemade items available, and since it's along the riverfront you'll be able to get a nice stroll through the city.


    9:30am-5:30pm Friday, Saturday, Monday

    Adults: $11 Youth: $9

    This is one of the coolest, hands-on museums - it's technically for kids but I love going and it's one of the first places I took Nick when we met!

    Portland Art Museum


    Adults: $10 Kids: free

    Powell's City of Books

    It's one of the largest bookstores in the world. I love that you can find literally everything you've ever wanted to read all in one place!

    The Grotto

    A beautiful botanical garden and Catholic shrine with a replica of Michaelangelo's Pieta. It's carved into a mountainside and is absolutely stunning!

    Day trips outside of Portland:

    The Oregon Coast

    Drive time: 1 hour 30mins to Seaside, OR or Tillamook, OR

    There are loads of things to do - including walking around the small town while taking in the beautiful ocean views and sandy beaches. You'll want to pack a light jacket and umbrella because the coast is known for being chilly and unpredictable in terms of rain. There's the Oregon Coast Trail for sightseeing, and the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. You can rent bicycles, go horseback riding, get go-carts or take paddle boat rides on the river. Go whale watching at Ecola State Park south of Seaside or head down to Tillamook and visit the delicious Tillamook Cheese & Ice Cream Factory!

    Silver Falls

    Drive time: 1 hour

    This is a great location just east of Salem. It's probably one of the easiest outdoorsy things to do - lots of trails and waterfalls... one of my favorite places in Oregon!

    Mt. Hood

    Drive time: 1 hour 15 minutes

    East of Portland you'll see the towering mountain situated only 50 miles away. It is the only place in the country with year-round skiing on the glacier. You can also take lifts up just for the view and to hike around since much of the snow will have melted by then.

    Outlet Stores

    Drive time: 30mins

    Just in case someone gets a shopping bug while on vacation. This is south between Portland and Salem. Remember - there is no sales tax in Oregon!

    Multnomah Falls

    Drive time: 30mins

    This place is just east of Portland and has a magnificent 620ft tall waterfall.</blockquote>

    I would also add going to Salty's Restaurant along the Columbia. We had brunch there - the best brunch I've ever had.

    Walking along the east side of the Williamette River at night will also net some pretty entertaining night life. I found fire breathers and dancers - lots of random stuff.



      I've never been but would love to. It is really the Mecca of craft beer if that is your thing.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Lived there the last 3 years before moving to Vermont. I definitely second nicholascrawford's recommendation of Salty's brunch. Best brunch I've ever had. All you can eat seafood with neverending champagne/mimosas for $40.

        Mississippi Ave. is a cool area in NE PDX:

        I would check out the Widmer Brewhouse (I'm a big fan of Widmer Brewing), also in NE PDX:

        Southeast is the "hipstery" area, mostly along Hawthorne, some shops, restaurants, bars and the like.

        I'm partial to Horse Brass Pub on Belmont in Southeast PDX, british style pub, lots of beer.

        Speaking of beer you should check out 12th Street Tavern on 12th/Burnside. 100+ beers on tap, killer food happy hour menu (only inside the bar). Many local and US based craft beers, along with some imports. It's a super trendy place, but the happy hour and beer selection drew me back on a pretty regular basis.

        Ground Kontrol: retro arcade/bar.

        And the standbys:

        Voodoo Donuts

        Powel's City of Books (it's an entire city block along Burnside):

        Everything on nicholascrawford's list.



          I third Powell's. It's a fun place, especially their "special collections" or whatever their antique used books are called.




            Women and Women First! Bookstore.

            Ok, that's a joke that you may not get unless you watch Portlandia. Google it. lol.



              Haha - Portlandia's update today:

              It's Pi day. We're going to pickle it.



                If you are coming this weekend, bring a raincoat.

       has a good list of events going around in Portland.

                Much of the sightseeing tends to be outside of the city if you are an outdoors kind of guy and have the transportation. As said earlier, Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, Oregon Coast are all beautiful.

                In the city, visit Powell's and the various breweries for tastings and tours(I'm partial to Upright, Cascade Barrel Room, and Hair of the Dog). I would recommend visiting the various food carts around Portland ( They have some of the most delicious and cheap meals around the city (Viking Soul Food, Lardo, and Potato Champions are my favorites).

                If there is anything specific you are looking to do, let us know and I'm sure we can point you to the right direction.



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                    I second pdx_nate's recommendation of the food carts.