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What'd you spend too much money and time on before clothes?

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    @Jon - For some reason just now seeing your post, and may as well revive this old thing as well. Yes! Scotch! Music! Atlanta!

    Speaking of Atlanta, there really are a lot of us here. We should do an Atlanta meetup sometime in the coming months.



      My problem here is that I now spend more money on clothes but haven't given up the other things.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        Art. I've got a pretty good eye and was fortunate to find emerging artists before their ascendance.

        Cooking. Pots and pans, and am actually a good cook.

        Women. I've got a pretty good eye and am actually a good cook.



          James Bond, and I still do. Still more than clothes, actually. He's so dapper, he can't keep the clothes on himself.



            Comics and music. I don't go to the comic shop every week or buy as many monthlies as I did from 2006-2009, but still head to the shop once a month to pick up the 5-6 books I still read. My music-buying has also dropped off as I've started re-building my wardrobe and since I don't have much time for focused listening anymore, but I have a pretty decent turntable (Pro-Ject Xpression III) and entry-level stereo and will buy LPs of albums I love (typically after sampling on MOG). I have about 150 LPs and over 600 CDs, the latter of which I'm slowly but surely ripping to my computer so I can stream them to my stereo via a Squeezebox Touch. Yes, I love geeking out on this stuff.

            I also play drums, although I'm just starting the process of finding another band to play in as I just haven't had time since my twins were born in October 2010.



              Video games.

              I've spent thousands of dollars worth on video games.



                Beer -- specifically, craft beer.

                Even more specifically, I'm into a handful of traditional German, English, and Belgian styles -- most notably hefeweizens and weizenbocks. I've been drinking good beer for long enough to say with confidence that I am not, and never will be, a hophead. There's far more variety out there than just palate-searing piney/floral/citric hop bombs.

                I still enjoy a good weizenbier (or English stout, or a number of other styles) whenever I get the opportunity, but at this point, my interest in beer seems to have gone from "full-on, money-evaporating obsession" to "occasional hobby from which I've gained some niche expertise that rarely proves useful."

                Having said that, my dedicated beer fridge still houses 24 unusual, cellarable beers which will only be opened after several more years...

                Honestly, I'm a serial hobbyist. Looking back, I'm realizing that I dive headfirst into something for a couple of years, soak up as much knowledge about it as I can, and eventually move on. The one thing I've never "moved on" from is football: specifically the Georgia Bulldogs (my undergrad alma mater) and the New York Giants (long story, but I've loved them all my life).

                Outside of football, I've variously devoted all my free time and disposable income at different points to music (buying, playing, recording, going to concerts), comic books (back in middle school), pets (still have a few), keeping shitty cars running (no longer a concern), grad school (which, if approached effectively, leaves minimal time for outside interests), cooking (finally, something truly useful -- more so than grad school), movies (I have a particular love of truly bad movies -- my "Troll 2" review at IMDB remains the best writing I've ever produced), beer (see above; my Sam Adams Triple Bock review at is the second-best writing I've ever done), and now clothing (currently focusing on denim). I used to put a lot of time, money, and effort into maintaining shady relationships with various girls, but I retired from all that nonsense a few years ago, when I got married.

                I'm also a relatively new dad (my daughter is approaching 20 months old), which is -- happily -- eclipsing just about everything else. I'd be happy to look back in thirty years and realize that being a good dad has superceded everything else in my life.

                /end detailed, confessional-style self-disclosure to internet strangers

                ETA: Wait, I need to add even more inappropriate personal details. I'm in Atlanta (actually Johns Creek), too. How about a meetup at the Brick Store Pub? Or am I belying my age and suggesting something that may not be legal for some of the local Dappered crowd?

                And good lord, it sounds like we could create an all-Dappered band, comprised solely of guys in our area. Based on the posts I just read, we'd be one well-dressed, thoroughly intoxicated group.



                  Watches. A very expensive hobby in and of itself, it sort of petered out after I acquired my "grail watch". Bulldoggery, if you're in John's Creek, we'll have to meet up sometime! Maybe with JonATL and ATLnoob.



                    Bulldoggery, you crack me up! Now I want to read the Troll 2 review!



                      @Bulldoggery, I think all of us are of age. You can introduce us all to good beer when we meet, I'm mildly obsessed with rare and esoteric scotches myself.



                        @ Bulldoggery, "There's far more variety out there than just palate-searing piney/floral/citric hop bombs." This. 1000x this. Amen.

                        Also, "the New York Giants (long story, but I've loved them all my life)." I'm sorry haha

                        Have you ever had the Trappist Westvleteren 12? A friend's dad has it, I've never personally seen it. Outside of that, I'm sure you've had them, but the Rochefort series (6,8,10) are excellent. Rochefort 10 is an experience in itself.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          @greg_s -- I have indeed enjoyed the Westvleteren fact, I have a bottle of it in that beer fridge I mentioned above. I've managed to try it (from several "vintages") at a number of tastings, as well; it ages better than almost anything else out there.

                          I've also got a Rochefort 10 and a St. Bernardus Abt 12 cellaring with that Westvleteren 12, all slated for a horizontal tasting with my brother in 2025. I kind of wish I was kidding.

                          @Kenneth -- You may be interested in knowing that the Brick Store Pub emphasizes one thing and one thing only outside of an exhaustive beer selection: scotch. There are no TVs, no bourbons, no vodkas. No chicken wings on their beer-friendly food menu. No pitchers, no shots, no video games. But there is a large chalkboard crowded with a list of rare scotches.

                          @nicholascrawford -- . Filter by "Best," and you'll see it (under my usual-but-becoming-former online handle, which isn't all that dissimilar from this one).




                            I was a BIG fan of Brick Store when I lived in Atlanta. That place is fantastic. Good recommendation for sure.



                              I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Westvleteren 8 and 12 about a month ago in Amsterdam. It was incredible -- one of those rare things that actually lives up to its "best in the world" status. A horizontal tasting with St. Bernardus is a great idea, because Bernardus was started by monks from Westvleteren, and they started off with identical recipes. (Westvleteren kills it in a head to head, though, at least in my opinion.)

                              Also, the Brick Store Pub is the best pub I've ever been to. It made a Belgian friend of mine insanely jealous.

                              Like many of you, I like craft beer, drinking and brewing, as well as bourbon and good cocktails. I love writing and reading, and making and listening to music. I used to support myself as a musician (guitarist) so I used to have nice stuff. Now I have low end things to putter around with. I love to travel, and have had the privilege of traveling to really cool places for work, including a summer backpacking in Europe while researching. I'm a big fan of the Denver Broncos and Arsenal football club. Hobby time is spare of late, though, now that I have two kids under three years of age! I'm with Bulldoggery though, kids are awesome, and being a dad is an incredible honor. A taxing but highly rewarding "hobby."



                                Oh, and I love art films. Just saw Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia," which was an incredible counterpoint to the last film I saw, Terence Malick's "Tree of Life." Both films are really excellent, but seem to present radically different understandings of the big questions of life.