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What'd you spend too much money and time on before clothes?

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    @ Nathaniel - Really showing off my nerdiness here, but I've got a few swords too. Only one "nice" one, though: The Bristol from Valiant Armoury. I've also got a crappy LOTR Sting replica that I bought at a mall for $20, and an unsharpened Norman sword from Hanwei. The Bristol is hanging on my bedroom wall.

    I'm not into LARPing or anything, but I'm a bit of a history buff and never really outgrew my fascination with the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age. After I gave up the music major, I ended up minoring in history with a focus on the Early Modern period in England.

    @ JonATL - Yeah, even though I dropped the major I continued to play in my college's ensembles and wound up being the principal horn of the top band and orchestra. It was the best of both worlds... I got to play and tour with some of the best amateur groups around without having to give recitals or bow down to the bigwigs in the music administration - or take theory, music history, etc. I had juries but the only thing they affected was my grade in my private lessons, which were only worth 1/4th of a normal class grade anyway.




      @zerstyle: How familiar are you with car audio? A good explanation is here if you know what all that other stuff means.

      Basically, the amp is highly under-rated so when the competition is split into brackets, you can get into a lower power bracket and then dominate it.



        Aggies, huh? Prepared to get trounced in the SEC?



          Yeeeeeah... The middle of the SEC is a better place to be than the top third of the Big 12.



            Cheater amps are the opposite of the cheapo swap meet amps. "10,000 WATTSSSS!!" vs. "25x2". That 25x2 puts out more like 600x1, and that 10,000 puts out 200. Fake numbers, but you get the point. It *would* put out 25x2, but was designed to be run much differently, under much different loads than that 25x2, down to like 1/2ohm mono, and have the beefy circuitry to handle that super high current. US Amps was a big one that I remember.

            Edit: or, you could just read Alan's post link above.



              @JonATL: Hey, a fellow sax player! I got talked out of majoring in music and switched to journalism, still wish I was playing a little more though.

              In terms of spending, currently trying to decide between a vintage sax and a sampler (got into music production in high school), but will probably get nothing, trying to save up to study abroad.

              Before that, like Tat and MaxMan, I was also into sneakers (though usually tried to keep it under 100 and find good deals), also records and a little bit of video gear.



                I had a 300x2 Precision Power amp w/ 2x10" JL Audio subs. Doesn't sound like much, but the sealed box was in the trunk and subs were configured to fire directly into the backs of the rear seats on my Chrysler Sebring. Made for a great back massage for anyone sitting in the back. :-)

                However, the big sound came when you folded the seats down, the whole front would fill with bass. And a PPI amp is nothing to scoff at, even at 300x2. Traveling at highway speed with the windows down and sunroof open, it was still crystal clear.

                Since the travel on the speakers was from front to rear, you could see fine out the front windshield, but your vision would go blurry if you turned to look out the side windows.

                Those were the days...



                  Currently running all image dynamics: 2 idmax 12's IB in the back, 6x9's in fiberglass door pods (I formed the pods myself; pretty damn cool), and horns under the dash. Also all ID amps, with an awesome JBL ms-8 running all processing. Bummed that ID closed up shop.



                    Glad to see some fellow musicians here! Like BenR, I dropped the music major after my first year of undergrad, but continued to play in some local ensembles(I play the trombone.) Lots of my money and time goes into practicing and buying trombone stuff.

                    I'm also an avid book collector and scotch/cognac aficionado.

                    Not a money intensive hobby, but I obsessively read about international politics and diplomacy(I'm in the process of joining the State Department's Diplomatic Corps as a Foreign Service Officer.)



                      I'd love to add "travel" to the list, but my wife and I haven't been anywhere since our honeymoon because of grad school. Hoping to change that when I finish, though. We've both seen a lot - just not lately.



                        @max, journalism, huh? I currently spend my days as an editor of a trade magazine and my nights and weekends freelancing for a pretty well-known mag and a bunch of smaller things. I'd love to get a full-time arts-writing job, but so would everyone.

                        My 118,000ish-SN Mark VI alto (which cost me a princely sum that I think was closer to 5 grand than 3 grand when I bought it in 2002) is currently sitting in a case, where it has remained mostly unplayed for the past, um, five years. I should be shot! I also pretended for a second that I could learn to competently double on a so-so flute, but I went the Ian Anderson route instead and just ended up making a lot of noise.

                        Oh, and while we're on the subject of instruments I'm neglecting, the gorgeous custom uke my wife gave me as a wedding present has been crying out for someone to play it and is probably horribly depressed from being unloved.

                        God, now I feel like a terrible human being.



                          @Kenneth: Scotch! Music! And you're in Atlanta?



                            @BenR. Hey man that's awesome. The Bristol is definitely a nice sword. The only thing that turned me off of that series was the hex key pommel. I've sold a good number of the lesser swords I once had. It's left me with an Albion Squire line Knightly and a Deltin blade that I hilted myself. I've got what I'd like to say is a very nice custom scabbard for the Albion that I made myself, full wood core and all. Someday I'd love to get a Museum Line Albion or something custom but the money is just not there. I've started to get interested in more modern military swords as they're really the only originals that are "affordable." Sadly most of those are still out of my price range. I'd love a good Napoleonic saber. I got to handle a few Ottoman Kilij sabers once. Those things are awesome.



                              See a lot of craft beer drinkers. Anybody home brew?



                                My biggest hobby, and still is, would be cars. I've been building and racing since high school. Anything from autocross, open lapping days, drift events, to lemon's endurance races. Recently there has been a track built within 5 miles of where I live and will be one of the nicest facilities around.

                                I've been getting into their karting scene lately. They have a rental endurance league that is pretty awesome.

                                Besides that, a lot gets spent on eating out, partying, and women.