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What'd you spend too much money and time on before clothes?

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    Women. Games. Travel.


    Beer. (Got approx 100 odd bottles fresh and aged + outings at bars)

    Scotch (relatively less now for the past 6-8 months)

    Eating out.



      Theater. Kind of a hobby, but it's slowly turning into a career pursuit. I enjoy acting and doing the technical stuff. I'll probably end up majoring in drama.

      Blogging. Started a blog a few months ago. I wanted to improve my writing, and I enjoy discussing topics in masculinity and men's style. Not many people read it, and I tend not to be great with words, but it's fun to work on in my free time.

      Guitar. I've never really taken lessons, but I've been playing guitar for a few years now. It's a great creative and emotional outlet.

      Frisbee. Just picked up ultimate frisbee this semester. Tons of fun, and it keeps me active.



        Starting at childhood:





        cologne ( anyone??)

        Ex GF who liked to eat out all the darned time (3x per day was not uncommon. She paid for her own, but still expensive to be there)

        Clothes (current)

        Ceramics class (current)

        Working out (current)

        "Too much" is relative. I spent way more time than money on all of these. Gaming was definitely the expensive one. I have spent $470 on ceramics in the past year, but it got me out of pretty much all Christmas shopping. Working out is my gym membership fee and time reading about stuff online. It is an investment in life, darn it!



          Gaming up until a couple years ago, and then and now, food. I am a big foodie, and I like to experience the thousands of food options living in a multicultural city offers you. I also like cooking, and tend to cook good and somewhat pricey meals.



            lol, i like this thread...lets see, women when i was late teens and early twenties, basketball; i say this is expensive because i used to be a sneaker snob, wouldnt play in anything less than 100 pair of shoes.

            Always liked clothes, then it was baggy ill fitted expensive clothes. College days...being that i usually had the most money, buying the booze

            I am a technology freak like alan, i like beta testing products and will spend to be the only guy on the block with a 3d 55 inch...

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              Tech, Cars, etc. Many thousands upon thousands wasted.



                Stocks and online markets, online banking accounts and ways to make money while I rest my head down. Clothes were always my thing along with shoes. I dabbled a lot in sneaker shoes and collected many many pairs of Jordan's, customer made Airmax's and Airstab's made by Nike.

                I also had my fair share of gaming in high school. Online RPG's were my choice. Built up accounts and sold them overseas for money. My biggest was my FFXI account that sold for 3500 US dollars to a player in Korea.



                  Honestly, nothing, which is why I don't feel bad about spending money now. Just making up for not having expensive hobbies earlier



                    ...I forgot fishing. How could I forget fishing. That's a current hobby; 4 good rod/reel combos (cumara/stradics and cumara/quantum smoke, if anyone else fishes)



                      @OnlyShawn - I rarely fish, but my brother and father are pretty hardcore fishermen so I'm sure they would know those rod/reel combos.

                      My biggest expense back in my single days was definitely alcohol. Hitting the bars every weekend, tailgating, and going out on the boat every Saturday in the summer can add up. Now it's mainly groceries for the wife and baby, clothes, and running gear.



                        @Ben, I hear you on the practicing routine. I made it through a major in music, but I haven't really picked up my saxophone in years (I partly blame the music journalism — there's something about writing about music constantly that makes me not want to play it — but I mostly blame being lazy and, of course, thrifting).

                        Does obsessing over the Braves count as a hobby?



                          Oh, of course, craft brews and liquor.

                          My first attempt at homemade bitters is aging right now. It should be ready by the 26th or so.



                            @jonATL: If you get to count the Braves, then I get to count my Fightin' Texas Aggies. I've got their forum open in a tab next to this one.



                              I've always been into swords. Most kids outgrew the whole "knight" thing with age. I just upgraded from wooden swords to the real thing. I don't mean the crap most people who have a "real sword" have. The longer you're into a hobby that has anything to do with history the more snobbish you get over time. I started making stuff myself. I did knife smithing for a while too, as well as armour. Tools are incredibly expensive.

                              I only own two complete swords now. (I have a bunch of bare blades that I will someday finish) Both the pieces I have would probably get somewhere around $500 or so on eBay. Historically accurate replicas are terribly expensive.

                              I'm probably comparably to the "no suit under $500 is worth touching" crowd, just in a different subject. It's all in the details.



                                I don't get too obsessed with most things.

                                Oddly, like the first 2 posts, I also enjoyed car audio, but never went too crazy with it.

                                @Alan: What exactly is a "cheater" amp?

                                I'd say my biggest wastes of time has been online poker. Fortunately, I ended up getting better and making money on it.