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What'd you spend too much money and time on before clothes?

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    What'd you spend too much money and time on before clothes?

    I guess these are something like hobbies.

    Me: Loved car audio since college, spent hours and hours and too many dollars installing and reinstalling systems in various cars over the years. Finally "completed" a great system in my current car. Absolutely worth every penny.

    Was all into air soft for a little while, then realized that everyone who did it was kind of...well...not someone I wanted to hang out with. Still have a bad ass gun though.

    Was all into my jeep and going offroading...same problem as airsoft. I got the hell out of redneckville ASAP after high school. Didn't want to go back.

    Always been the dude that fixes everyone's computer, or is all up on latest tech news. Both less so now that I've switched over to apple; I pretty much get what they put out, love it, and get it again next year. Had to reinstall windows last weekend on a friend's old dell. Absolute freaking nightmare finding drivers that played well together. I love walled gardens, thank you very much...but I do jones for a jailbreak all the time.

    What've you wasted--err--spent tons of time on?


    In college:

    Car audio (placed 3rd in local competition. 1st and 2nd had "cheater" amps)


    Home audio / video (I had HD before people knew what HD was.)

    Building/fixing/collecting arcade machines (Had 13 at one point. Now just 1.)

    And I've always built/fixed computers. Most recent project is a hackintosh server with 5TB of space for home network backups.



      Women. Clothes is much less stressful.



        I was about to add "dating" but acoustic beat me to it. :-)



          @Alan - surprisingly, I was much more successful dating when I dressed like a bum lol.



            Photography! How did I forget photography? I'm a little afraid to say how much I've spent there...



              I've never had especially expensive hobbies. I dabbled in airsoft for a few summers in high school/college, like Shawn, but it was mostly my brother and his friends who were into it - and I lucked out because they lent me guns and stuff, so all I had to do was buy my own camo (we played in the nearby national forest and used biodegradable pellets).

              I'm also a hobby shooter with real guns. I bought and own a pair of pistols that I use for target-shooting (H&K P30L and Walther P22), plus I have a really nice Remington shotgun that I use for shooting clay pigeons. My dad bought it for me when I was born. Not many people in my social circle are into shooting (or really understand guns at all) so I tend to do it while I'm visiting my family... which means I also generally end up using their ammo. B-) I'm far too much of an animal lover to enjoy hunting, though. The few times I've gone "hunting" with my dad or brother, the only shooting I do is with my camera.

              I'm into skiing (downhill and x-c), snowshoeing, and basically every other winter sport. I have my own snowshoes, x-c skis and ice skates but I usually do season rentals for downhill skis since the technology is always changing. Got my fancy Gore-Tex jackets and microfiber long johns - I even bought a pair of the Gore-Tex "jeans" made by Burton, similar to the ones worn by the American Olympic team at the Vancouver games. (Got mine on clearance, of course.)

              I'm also a bit of a gaming nerd. I especially love RPGs... The Elder Scrolls is my favorite game series (SKYRIM!), followed closely by Mass Effect. I have a laptop and no desktop computer so I do most of that on my Xbox.

              My other big passion, especially prior to law school, was classical music. I was a pretty serious horn player in high school and college and seriously considered getting into it professionally - but then I realized that I love playing and rehearsing with ensembles but I hate spending hours alone in a practice room. Dropped the music performance major when I was a freshman. I haven't had much time or opportunity to play in law school, but I've still got all the fancy equipment - my horn was custom-made for a professional who later decided he didn't want it and sold it to me through my private teacher. I've got stopped mutes, straight mutes, tuning and non-tuning mutes, three different cases, stacks and stacks of sheet music, and even a monstrosity referred to as "the Thompson Edition" - a 600-page compilation of all the most common orchestral excerpts used in auditions, in their original format and notation.




                @BenR thanks for reminding me that Mass Effect 3 came out today!



                  Yeah Ben, I was in to all that stuff, then I got an arrow to the knee.



                    I used to make arrow-in-the-knee jokes like you... then someone stole my sweetroll.




                      My movie collection. Starting with VHS tapes as a kid, and even through the latter part of this past decade when streaming and DVD burners were prevalent, I can't even fathom the money I've spent. It's my pride and joy, but I'm far beyond the point of running out to buy 5 DVD's at launch. I honestly can't recall the last DVD I actually purchased.

                      I collect comic books (still), but not as excessively as I once did, plus my friend owns a shop and is cool enough to give me a hookup. I really only spend $40-50 per month on comics these days, so that's really nothing.

                      Honestly though, I've ALWAYS spent my money on clothes. My family is pretty well known in our area, so as a kid my grandmother and cousin made sure I had top of the line clothes, on both the traditional and trendy varieties. I think that's why my wardrobe has always been a fine balance of dressy clothes with things like ironic t-shirts and cargo shorts thrown in. Hell, there's a class picture from preschool where all the kids are in jogging suits and t-shirts, and I'm rocking a white suit, cheesing it for the camera. My dappered days started young!

                      Oh, and dating...good lord, if I had the money back that I wasted in the dating scene. Chalk it all up to experience, I supposed, but there were a few girls (including an ex-fiancee who turned out to be so crazy that I called off the wedding) that did a number on the bank account.

                      Clothes is usually where it goes, when I can afford it. Of course, I try to follow the rules (nothing at full price, longer lasting essential pieces, etc.), but even my clothing purchases have to take a backseat to the reality of rent and bills. Yay responsibility!



                        Oh the other sources of my $...

                        I am an avid cook and spend a fair amount of money on kitchen supplies (usually one-time purchases, but expensive) and high quality food.

                        Music. I love music and discovering new bands all the time. I am lucky that MN has a really vibrant local music scene. I spend a fair amount of my $ on shows and new music (I like to support the bands).

                        Books. I am by no means a collector, I just love to read. I enjoy having books around me, so I have hundreds in my apartment. I have read most of them and am working on the rest. I love the look, feel, and bindings of antique books, so I spend some money there when a good deal arises.

                        Beer. I spend a lot time drinking beer with friends. I very much enjoy craft and imported beers. That reminds me actually... I'm completely out at the moment!

                        Like, BenR, I enjoy shooting, but usually with family. Most of my social circle does not agree with guns. I do take it that next step and hunt, however.

                        Finally, the most expensive hobby is travel. I have not gotten as many opportunities as of late, but I will be in Austin soon. I try to go wherever I can, whenever I can and worry about being broke later.

                        I tend to dabble in several things rather than devote myself entirely to each one. Like Thomas Henry Huxley said, "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."

                        Unfortunately, when I start grad school in the fall, most of these will fall by the wayside as I will be quite poor.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          The one benefit to being such a long term collector of things is the investment. Rare, out of print movies, for one thing, can fetch a pretty penny on Ebay. I tend to have a rule that "if things are coming in (being bought), then something has to go". This helps me balance my frivolous spending (usually on clothes...especially lately with the wardrobe rebuild), but I know that eventually that well will run dry. I've reached a point where I'm more than willing to purge a good amount of items just to have more money in the bank.



                            It's not really a "hobby" but I spend a lot of my money on travel. I have family in Ireland and the UK and I spend a lot of money visiting 1-2- sometimes 3 times a year. I lived in London for a while and I go back any time I can to visit friends.

                            I'm a multimedia/graphic designer so I spend a lot on software, tablets, etc. I'm just starting to get into photography too. I love taking pictures of people,landscapes during my travels, and textures for my design work. Saving up for a new lens or two right now.

                            I've started getting into homebrewing in the past couple years. I've made lots of wine, cider, and some beer. Cider is my favorite. I can make gallons of the stuff for just a few dollars and it's delicious.

                            My brother is a contractor who also makes furniture, I help him out and have started building a few things on my own. Currently planning a desk with a 150-200 yr old reclaimed wood top and steel legs.



                              I have an old Mustang that gets a good amount of my money. It's honestly in pretty solid condition for a 40+ year old car, but the project list never stops.

                              I used to spend a lot of money out at the bars with friends. Thankfully that has been reeled way in since college, although I must admit I do miss it every once in awhile.

                              I also really enjoy good food. I'll spend a decent amount of money on a nice dinner for the me and the girlfriend from time to time.