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Things not to miss in NYC?

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    Century 21 drives me crazy with how busy and packed with tourists it is. You can find good deal if you're willing to look but its not enjoyable for a vacation. Its right near the World Trade Centers site if you have any interest in seeing that.

    For eating on the island, I enjoyed The Spotted Pig. They have a great burger. Around the corner is Whitehorse Tavern, which is one of the oldest bars in the city - they actually mention it at least once in Mad Men when Don returns to his apartment drunk. In the lower east side I really liked this Italian restaurant called Inoteca that had interesting choices on their menu. For a burger, its worth it to go to one of the Shake Shack locations and get the one with the fried mushroom ontop but skip the fries (they suck). The Four Seasons & 21 Club are each a landmark and enjoyable if you like to get dressed up. Eataly is cool to get a coffee but I think you have Lavazza cafes in Chicago.

    Mostly I ate in Brooklyn - I stumbled into a really nice French restaurant called Juliette and had an amazing steak, I think this is the restaurant that I tried a Pimms cup which I ordered for the rest of the trip. The inside is just adorable. Also in Brooklyn, The Chip Shop is famous for fish n' chips. Parco is nice for breakfast sandwiches. For good southern food, go to Pies & Thighs which specializes in fried chicken and pies. Peter Lugers is famous and was decent but pricey for what you get, the waiters are definitely to the point and famously slightly rude/smart ass.

    For shopping, I would check out J Crew's speciality shops like the Liquor Store and the new Ludlow Shop that just opened up. More menswear can be found at Freemans Sporting Club, J. Press, and Epaulet. I also really like St James' only US locationg, if you're into nautical sweaters and the like.

    Thats all I've got off the top of my head.



      Live down the street from Eataly (don't tell Alan, he'll figure out what city I live in / that I don't drive a car), it's worth a stop by and is interesting. It's right near Madison Park, which is nice if you don't want to invest a ton of time for Central Park (and you get to see the Flatiron building too).

      If you like steak, my reco is Wolfgang's. Most people will say head out to Peter Luger's, but I find it annoying to have to go off Manhattan and pay all cash.

      Also, for italian, do not go to Little Italy. Total tourist trap.

      Obviously there's tons of shopping, etc. Can't speak to the awesomeness of anything unique or anything, but there are cool stores. For menswear, I think that going to the original Brooks Brothers (346 Madison Ave... get it?) is pretty cool. It's huge, multiple levels, has pool tables, etc. Definitely fun to see.

      Might be cool to see the new Apple store in Grand Central -- kind of kills 2 birds with 1 subway stop.

      Museums, etc., too... not going to go into all that stuff. NYC is cool, has a lot of stuff, etc.



        Oh, for shopping, check out the Ralph Lauren Mansion, too. That was fun to look around.



          I know it was already mentioned, but I second the UniQlo vote. some of their stuff is too slim for me personally, but the prices are amazing...especially if there is a sale going on.

          Also, they have really nice undershirts/underwear for extremely low prices. the undershirts remind me of Tommy John, for about a quarter of the price.



            Laut in the east village. my favorite restaurant in the city, and I have lived here for years. Laut is a Malaysian restaurant with a Michelin star. it is probably the only Michelin star restaurant you will ever find where all the entrees are under $20

            get the roti canai and the beef rendang. you can thank me later.



              ChrisW, I'm not even headed to NYC any time soon, but that place sounds awesome. I'll have to check it out the next time we go.



                I spent 10 days in Manhattan and I went to Bleeker Street Pizza at least 5 times




                  I live in NYC and most of the spots talked about are good, albeit a tad overrated. I'd recommend Max Brennars by Union Square, Bedford Ave. near Williamsburg, a place called Pommes Frites right by St. Marks (St. Marks in general is great). 34th Street and The Shops in Columbus Circle are a good place to check out if you've got the money for those. There's great places everywhere, to be honest. You can spend a whole day just from SoHo to 125th street. Hopefully you have a great vacation!



                    + one for Pommes Frites



                      And another +1 on Pommes Frites, especially if people are still recommending it eight years on from when I last went (though now that I've been reminded, I'll be there shortly).



                        Max Brenner is a tourist trap. Pomme Frites wouldn't be my first recommendation, but I could see why it would be a cool experience for an out-of-towner.

                        These are kind of EV/LES-centric, but I like Abraco (coffee), Baohaus (taiwanese street food reimagined by an Asian-American chef), Katz's (which is worth every penny), Donut Plant (fancy donuts), and Baoguette (banh mi--no relation to Baohaus).



                          I used to live in Brooklyn and Katz's is a favorite of drunk young guns in the LES around 3am. The sandwiches are good - and huge - but really expensive. And they give you a ticket to prove your order that if lost, costs $50.

                          Otherwise I love DUMBO in BK, Park Slope and BK Heights.



                            If you like hot sauce, ask one of the food truck or fallafel places to make it for you extra spicy and its wildly hot. Clearly not fine dining, but when I was in Chicago I didn't experience anything nearly as ridiculous as I can get in NYC.

                            If you are in the area, this is a great hole in the wall that is cheap, tasty, and hits the spot after a pub crawl (open all night):

                            They have some of the most ridiculous hot sauce I've come across...



                              Love Mamoun', quick and delicious. We have one in New Haven too.

                              And while not necessarily the best suggestions for the cash or time strapped, any of David Chang's restaurants are awesome: Momofoku, Ma Peche, etc.



                                I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Halal Cart on 53rd and 6th. The line can get ridiculous at late night though. I would also recommend checking out Artichoke pizza.