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Things not to miss in NYC?

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    Things not to miss in NYC?

    Since it worked so well for Austin, thoughts on things to do while I vacation in NYC this weekend? I suppose I'm looking more for help in curating a great weekend, there being so many options. And I'm poor, because dappered suggestions, in the best possible way, have eaten up the majority of disposable income. Food suggestions are particularly welcome.


    Wow NY food is amazing and there are way too many options to start throwing out random suggestions. Tell us a little bit more about what you like and what areas you will be near.

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      In terms of affordable food, NYC is famous for its delis. My wife lived there a couple of years, and her favorite was Katz's Deli. I've never been there so I can't speak for it. It's pretty famous, but sometimes that just means good marketing so I can't say for sure.

      Things I enjoyed while I was there:

      Times Square

      Rockefeller Center (at least while I was there around Christmas)

      Little Italy (lots of small authentic restaurants)

      Broadway shows (Les Misables was great. Cats made me want to poke my eyes out.)

      EDIT: Just checked the prices on Katz's website. That place is EXPENSIVE!



        Central Park is great but plan it out. Pick an area to start and another area that you'd like to end up in afterwards rather than trying to do a full circle and don't try to do the entire park. Maybe start near 80th head to the boat house, if you are going with a lady friend then go for a paddle ride, then maybe east, south, then finish southwest which puts you out around 60th.

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          I've done Manhattan and the big tourist attractions before. I'll be on the island for a night, near Bellevue Hospital, and then in DUMBO with a friend for the rest.

          Foodwise, I don't care what kind it is, if it's done amazingly. I live in Chicago, we have a great restaurant scene and I've eaten almost everywhere notable here. I would love to have something I haven't had, even if I can't tell you what that is. For reference, I started an underground restaurant in Chicago and live with 3 cicerones. And I'd happily go out of my way for food experiences, including recommendations for navigating ethnic neighborhoods.

          I'd be very interested in small theater recommendations over Broadway. Though Les Mis was great.

          And I'm interested in photography and beer joints, not necessarily together.



            Century 21:




              Never heard of Century 21 before.



                Neither have I. Jason, can you put this in perspective, say, versus Macy's?



                  It's like Nordstrom Rack



                    I've never been but I've heard it's like a thrift store of new stuff... Lots of crap, some amazing gems, low prices



                      Century 21 is like a higher-end Marshalls or like a Nordstrom Rack, as mentioned above. They definitely have some good deals there.

                      If you like Belgium Beer and Mussels, check out this place:

                      This is my favorite Italian place in NYC and it's not in Little Italy:


                      -haven't been there in a while but I believe it's still owned by the same family.

                      Great Cuban food here:

                      If you like chocolate, check this place out:



                        Just got back from NYC - here's what I'd suggest:

                        Eataly - depending on your mood, I'd suggest Birreria. Great atmosphere on a weekend.

                        UNIQLO - great clothing, better prices. Copped 4 sweaters, a button down, and 4 pairs of socks for $99. I prefer the SoHo location, it's surrounded by great stores.

                        J.Crew Men's Store (if you've not got one near your place) - Also located in SoHo, has some stuff you might not find in other normal mall locations. 484 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 (

                        Momofuku Milk Bar - If you've got a sweet tooth, place is amazing. Multiple locations around the city. (

                        Have fun!



                          @Mathew have you done alinea? definitely on my bucket list. im hoping to hit up per se this year. doubt you could squeeze a reservation this close.

                          my sister lives on the lower west so ive been to some great spots there including babbo, the dutch, craft, and morimotos. all very good.

                          youll be near momofuku ko which i hear is legendary but next to impossible to get a seat at. WD-50 is also on the lower east and would be an unforgettable experience. ABC kitchen is an underrated spot and quite affordable. I'd also definitely recommend spending some time at Eataly. If not for a meal, at least to walk around and snack.

                          I am a huge halal fan as well. The best in the city are probably 53rd and 6th or KwikMeal on 45thand 6th.

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                            I'll second/third the Century 21 visit, though if you've had a problem with your budget due to the deals mentioned on Dappered, you might find yourself broke after a visit to Century 21. As others have mentioned, it's like a Marshalls or TJ Maxx, only with higher-end merchandise. (In other words, Century 21 carries true "designer fashions" -- not the typical department store overstock you find at those other retailers. The markdowns are just as significant, but the starting price points are higher, so you'll definitely pay more.) Be warned that you should allow plenty of time -- it's more than one floor -- and be prepared to deal with potential crowds depending on when you visit.



                              Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. Great pizza. Fat line.

                              Get there early. Thank me later.