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    Chicago Comb Company

    Was thinking about picking up a new comb. Yes. I know. Life is just that exciting these days...

    I came across the Chicago Comb Company and see they sell combs for $40+ dollars. Wow. Seems like a lot of money for a comb to me. Then again, $300 odd dollars for shoes seemed like a lot too. Anyway, quick question. Anyone have any words of wisdom about this company/comb?


    I don't have any wisdom to share, but I'm also interested... I could use a new comb and have had my eye on this brand also. I know it's a splurge purchase, but I'm a Chicagoan that had to move away, and this would have some sentimental value.


      I recently picked up a Kent comb. I'm not the most.... comb-savvy person out there, but this is what I gathered:

      - it's made out of a higher-end more durable material and stand up well in the conditions of a hot shower or when used with a blowdryer (mine is made of acetate like most sunglasses, metal in the case of CCC)
      - since they're hand/laser cut, there aren't any seams - this makes sure that hairs "don't break/split" when combing (I wouldn't know if this is really that big of a problem, but the comb goes really smoothly through my hairs)
      - they don't gather static, like some cheaper plastic combs
      - they look awesome

      I'd recommend a Kent comb (<$10) for sure, if you're in the market. It still feels weird since I could have bought maybe 20 cheaper combs haha.


        Thanks! Maybe I'll see if I can find a Kent comb locally. My hair is quite thick so for years I've been using a brush. But lately I've been wanting to give a comb a try.