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How'd you meet your SO?

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    Met the wife freshmen year of college. Her best friend lived in my dorm and we shared a cab one night. We bonded over being from the same home town which is large enough that we never would have met. The friend was complaining about her computer so I went to her room to help fix it and saw a picture of my future wife, who was at a different school at the time. The friend introduced us and she was already in the process of transferring to my school. More or less attached to each other ever since.

    Tangent: the stigma around internet dating seems to have faded to near nothing over the last few years. This is a good thing as I never understood why there was one. The economist in me just sees an inefficient process for some (meeting people in everyday social settings) and offers an acceptable alternative.

    Likewise, there's a good interview out there with Dan Savage on how some people are hesitant to get serious in relationships after a casual hookup, even though many strong relationships actually start this way. I think it was a part of the new StarTalk TV series.