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    I've noticed a reasonably strong correlation between well dressed people and ability to cook, so I was wondering how many people here enjoy the culinary arts?

    Do you have a specific reason for cooking, any specialties?

    I personally cook just because I like good food, and apparently I make a good clam chowder.


    Dunno if there's a correlation but I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it



      Absolutely hate it. Just don't have the desire or patience for it :x



        I'm an ok cook, nothing spectacular. I at least know the basics and can fend for myself, unlike a lot of people in my age group (25). My French onion soup seems to be pretty popular among the people who've tried it. I also enjoy making simple dishes from scratch, like macaroni and cheese with my own from-scratch cheese sauce.

        I'm also pretty well-known among my friends for my quick breads and baked desserts. Almond poppy cake is something of a specialty.

        I like recipes that are so simple I can just memorize them and keep them in my mind forever. My apple charlotte, for example, is 3 apples, 3 eggs, 1 C sugar, 1 C flour, a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of baking soda. Simple but tasty.




          See I don't use recipes at all. I just cook by feel, smell, and taste.



            I cook because it's my job. My white chocolate bread pudding with whiskey sauce was pretty popular this evening.



              I also cook by flavour and taste - haven't got the patience to follow a recipe except in "concept", so I never bake cakes, etc that require precise ingredients.

              Love asian flavours - Sth East / Chinese & Indian, and a trip to the USA two years ago was a revelation regarding fresh-flavoured Mexican-style food - before this my exposure was heavy Tex-Mex with lots of cheese.

              Can manage a fairly nice clam chowder and a seductive Bouillabaisse as well.

              And the Dishwasher is my favourite kitchen appliance!



                For what it's worth, Art of Manliness has some great recipes. Their Cioppino was a huge hit a few weeks ago!




                  I love to cook. I think recipes are a great place for inspiration, but I rarely follow them as written.

                  I particularly like to cook all varieties of Asian food. If you can master Asian food, you can cook anything, IMO. It is all about balance of flavors and is the perfect way to learn how to discern what types of flavors are needed in a dish.

                  "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                    I love cooking and rather shocked we never spoke of this before. Last night (my wife; who is a great cook in her own right, and I split cooking duties during the week) i made shoe string potato fries using russet potatoes and oven baked cariibean fried chicken, it looked and tasted like fried spicy chicken but it was made in the oven under 375 degrees and think there is a correlation becasue we are astethically driven...

                    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                      I used to work at a fine dining restaurant, that got me interrested in cooking. I cook instead of the mrs. I love the creativity and the peace that comes with creating something from scratch in the kitchen. I actually find it relaxing as opposed to being a burden.

                      My specialties include fish tacos with an avocado cream and pico de gallo salsa, I make a mean seared ahi tuna with a wasabi soy glaze, I am also big on BBQing, and I have recently been delving into the world of making sushi. Making nice sushi rolls is really an art.



                        Making nice sushi rolls is an art indeed... like painting... one that takes a lot of time and patience to master. I'm not there yet, but I can usually get them to close and stick after a couple tries




                          This is my ultimate goal. I saw Iron Chef Morimoto bust this out on one of the episodes. Absolutely amazing!



                            Just made pressed Cuban sandwiches and hash browns (in a cast-iron skillet) tonight. Rather fantastic. I really can't wait for summer and outdoor cooking, as much as I love making soups and other warm things.



                              I like food, but I'm not organized enough to cook up meals. I am damn good with putting donuts in the microwave though, and nothing beats that.