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    The CBC (equivalent of the NPR in the US) had a podcast dedicated to clothing/style last summer. It was put on by JJ Lee and called Head to Toe. I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case others were interested.


      Art of Charm
      Grammar Girl
      London Real
      James Altucher
      Cardone Zone
      Freedom Fast Lane
      Advanced Selling Podcast
      Eventual Millionaire
      Smart Passive Income'
      Entre Leadership


        Any insight on what the Art of Charm or Grammar Girl are like/about?


          Grammar girl is a podcast about grammar. About 12-15 minutes long with grammar rules and the such.

          Art of Charm is a life coaching podcast. They interview on a variety of things networking, dating, sex, lifestyle, etc.


            For those of you with an interest in Canadian politics give Canadaland a listen. This is the podcast the broke the Jian Gomeshi story.


              Originally posted by DocDave View Post
              For those of you with an interest in Canadian politics give Canadaland a listen. This is the podcast the broke the Jian Gomeshi story.
              Insert the South Park sexual harrasment panda graphic.


                Recently been into Freakonomics.


                  The only podcast I listed to with any regularity is The Tom Woods Show. It's a daily (weekday) podcast. It focuses mostly on politics and economics from a libertarian and Austrian school prospective but occasionally branches into other topics as well.


                    Freakonomics is great if you're new to the genre, but Dubner rehashes a lot of his own content. Maybe that's because I've been following them for 10 years.

                    Planet Money, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Star Talk Radio are my current favorites.

                    Edit: Intelligence Squared, you get a temporary 10 IQ point lift after listening.
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                      I'm a huge Planet Money fan. Great way to learn about economics in short little snippets of information.


                        Originally posted by Sideswipe View Post
                        Love these two, wish MD&E came out more frequently but I assume Cooke's book-related stuff is eating into their podcasting time lately. I recently started listening to "GLoP" which is along the same lines if you're interested. Definitely going to be checking out Philosophize This.

                        Sporadically listen to AoM, Welcome to Night Vale, HBR Ideacast, and Nerdist.
                        Recently started to listening to Catholic Stuff You Should Know and Econtalk.

                        Econtalk is my all-time favorite. I find Planet Money interesting and quirky for sure, but frustratingly shallow (due in part to the shorter format and in part because the hosts are journalists and not economists).

                        I also really enjoy How to do Everything, the various Fangraphs podcasts (baseball and sabermetrics), and the Razzball podcast (fantasy baseball).

                        What I would really love to find would be a finance podcast that is neither about personal finance nor cheerleading the stock market. The closest I've found though have been specific Planet Money and Econtalk episodes.
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                          I am a total podcast junkie. I just had to trim back my rotation since there were more episodes than I had time to listen to each week. Besides the niche Wisconsin sports podcasts these are what are still around...

                          Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
                          Dan Carlin's Common Sense
                          Stuff You Should Know
                          Tech Stuff
                          The Bugle (John Oliver's podcast)
                          Podcast History of our world
                          Startalk Radio
                          Guys we F*cked
                          How did this get made

                          Always looking for a new good one and I've enjoyed Radiolab, TED, and the other how stuff works podcasts in the past, but had to cut those.


                            Long time lurker, but an avid podcast listener. So I figured it was time to jump the gun and make an account.

                            I subscribe or unsubscribe from podcasts pretty frequently, but these are the ones that are currently in my listening queue.

                            - Overthinking It (their original pop culture podcast, as well as the casual music theory & TV/Book Recaps)
                            - The Partially Examined Life
                            - Sources & Methods
                            - Ask Historians
                            - Middle East Week
                            - The Loopcast
                            - Arms Control Wonk
                            - Global Dispatches
                            - Central Asianist
                            - China In Africa podcast
                            - The Brookings Cafeteria
                            - World This Week by Council of Foreign Relations
                            - Smart Women, Smart Power by CSIS
                            - Cogitasia
                            - Very Bad Wizards
                            - Why?: Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life
                            - Philosophy Bites
                            - Something Wonky (Australian progressive-leaning podcast)

                            Depending on the guest/topic or I have lengthy travel planned:
                            - Tim Ferriss Podcast (probably dropping this soon)
                            - Idle Thumbs
                            - Intelligence Squared
                            - Longform Podcast
                            - Stuff Mom Never Told You
                            - Stuff You Should Know
                            - Slate Culture Gabfest
                            - Wilosophy with Wil Anderson
                            - Hello Internet
                            - Dan Carlin's Common Sense & Hardcore History
                            - Various shows on Australia's ABC Radio National Network & 'New Books In' Network


                              I recently saw Snap Judgement live in Brooklyn - it was awesome. Can't wait for the next one. Missed the radiolab live just by a week.. Still contemplating on whether I should get tix for Criminal live.. These are the podcast I'm obsessing about although I've listened through radiolab already.

                              I also listen to:

                              99% invisible
                              Love and radio
                              The memory palace
                              Planet money
                              Reply to all
                              How did this get made
                              This is actually happening

                              Stuff to consider:
                              The case against Adnan - this shit is tough to listen to. I hate the lawyer talk. It's terrible.


                                Lots of great recommendations here. Too many almost as I'm running out of time to listen to them all. Heck when do you guys find the time to listen to them all? For me it's generally in the car, but I'm not driving a lot these days so finding the free time is getting harder and harder.
                                [MENTION=11793]jrue[/MENTION] You've inspired me to check out some live broadcasts. The Welcome to Nightvale live podcast sounded awesome. Trouble is many of them don't make north of the border.