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What podcasts are you listening to?

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  • Shomas
    I listen to a kinda stupid quantity of podcasts as I ride the train to and from work.
    I regularly listen to:

    The Slate Political Gabfest
    The Slate Culture Gabfest
    Mom and Dad Are Fighting
    The Savage Lovecast
    This American Life
    Serial (when it was on, anyway)
    Hardcore History
    The Bowery Boys

    I listen to many (but not all) episodes of:

    Fresh Air
    The Brian Lehrer Show
    The Longform Podcast
    Death Sex and Money
    Planet Money.

    I check in with others here and there as well, but those are the bulk of what I listen to.

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  • Shade
    The John Bachelor Show, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Europe from its Origins, the Atheist Experience, TEDtalks, The Joe Rogan Experience, Physics in Action, are a few that I like.

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  • Pepetito

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  • LosRockets
    Great topic. Look forward to getting recommendations.
    ESPN's NBA Lockdown, NBA TV's The Starters, Grantland's The Lowe Post, and the CBS Eye on Basketball podcasts are my day to day mainstays for humor, entertainment, and of course NBA insight. Kind of a junkie. The EOB podcast is my favorite of the 4.

    There hasn't been a new one in a while but Alton Brown's podcast was entertaining.

    99% Invisible
    On The Grid
    On The Media
    I haven't listened to these three in a few months but they're wonderful for different reasons. Would love some recommendations in the art/culture/architecture and design realm. Wouldn't mind listening to home improvement stuff either, I find it relaxing and a nice change of pace even though I am not yet a homeowner.

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  • DocDave
    started a topic What podcasts are you listening to?

    What podcasts are you listening to?

    I'm am avid podcast listener and am curious to know what podcasts other people find enjoyable. My favourites include:
    • The American Life
    • Welcome to Night Vale
    • Planet Money
    • Q from CBC Radio