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Job interview tomorrow: Suit up or follow instructions?

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    Job interview tomorrow: Suit up or follow instructions?

    Hey guys, I got a job interview tomorrow and I really hope I get this!! This was the exact message that I got from them:

    " We are a casual environment so please feel free to dress down or whatever you would wear to work."

    So do I wear a suit or not? I feel like I should as I can never be over dressed, but I dont want to be viewed as someone who doesn't follow instructions.

    Or should I go business casual, khakis, shirt and sport coat?


    They would have to be really lame to ding you for not dressing down. What industry is it? If it's an industry where it's not uncommon to wear a suit, but it just happens to be a company with a casual dress code, I don't think a suit is a bad idea. If it's, say, a tech company, I would say business casual would be fine and maybe help you feel more comfortable than if you were the only guy in a suit.



      Given that they explicitly mentioned the casual nature of their work environment, I'd steer clear of the suit. Doesn't mean you should dress sloppily though (not that you would I'm sure). The added bonus being you get to be a bit more creative in your business casual ensemble, not many job interviews allow you to do that without a black mark against your name.



        I am applying to a company that sells nutritional supplements so not too professional. They do emphasize the entrepreneurial environment.



          I'd go with something like nice, fitted chinos, a subtle patterned shirt, a tie, and a blazer or sportcoat. Or you can ditch the tie and just wear the blazer. Or you can ditch the blazer and wear a cardigan or v-neck sweater instead. You don't have to look stuffy but it's always better to err on the side of professionalism.




            How about this benr?




              That seems pretty solid as far as toeing the line between casual and professional. Hard to go wrong with a navy blazer, nice shirt, and chinos.



                Good to go, mystix!

                Now just do your hair. =P



                  I was once given those instructions, but my recruiter did not relay the message. I showed up in a suit, and I was VERY out of place. I was uncomfortable. I made them uncomfortable. I didn't get the job.

                  I say dress sharp, but not in a suit. Maybe even lose the jacket, but keep the tie and roll up the sleeves. Shows you're ready to get to work. :-)



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                      Good call guys, I went with the look in my picture and was dressed appropriately. My potential manager was wearing the same color chinos as me (its a sign). I think I nailed the interview.

                      I have to go in on Tuesday to do a business case. wish me luck!



                        You buying us all a drink if you get the job?



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