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Dappered Threads aesthetic

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    Dappered Threads aesthetic

    You can wish in one hand and s*** in the other...

    I don't want to bug the upper echelon of about this, but I do have a couple thoughts. JC, maybe you're the man for this too.

    -When posting, the text above the Tags box says "comma seperated" instead of "comma separated".

    -There isn't a link in the footer to go back to, so you always have to scroll or jump to the top to return to the forum home page. If I just hit the back button, it often brings me to a days-old version of that page, so I always refresh.

    -Folks seem to confuse which sub-forum to post things under, but it isn't very clear and honestly doesn't make a difference since all the forums are merged into one at

    -It would nice to have a bunch more sub-forums and delineate them more clearly so that people looking for info can find a relevant thread without asking the same question over and over.

    -The search function...yeah...

    One huge plus about this forum software is that it doesn't look like most forums with a bajillion bouncing GIFs, point systems, post counters, etc. that makes the site completely inappropriate for browsing at work.

    Plus, the people here are great. I'm learning a crapload every day. Many of you are professional web designers, so perhaps you've got more articulate thoughts. I did like the concept of improving the WIWT thread with a Tumblr, maybe there's still something in the works for that.


    I always forget to assign a category when I create a new thread, but they all end up in the same place so no biggie.

    FWIW, there don't seem to be enough threads to really constitute having sub-forums. Keeping them all on one page actually works. however, a fifth column with the category and some sort of filter feature could be cool.

    With permalinking turned on, I can't readily tell what technology this forum site uses. With it's own subdomain, I'm not even sure it's hosted in the same place as the main site (and I'm too lazy to open a command prompt to find out).



      Looks like some of this was discussed 8 months ago:

      To answer your question, they say it's running bbPress.

      I've noticed when this forum is down, stays running. Could be the software crashing, or it may be hosted separately.



        Thanks to Cannon...

        -The Report link does not work.



          Been looking for this:

          The feedback thread.



            I posted the link to that one post up...

            So yes, I should be posting all of this there. lol



              Haha! Oops.