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going sockless tips?

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    going sockless tips?

    I really like the look and idea of going sock-less in a variety of contexts, but I'm always a bit wary. I've got sweaty man feet, ya know? It's easy with some boat shoes on the beach when I don't care, but I would love to rock it dressed up with oxfords as well. Anyone have some tips?

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    you can buy loafer socks that are just really short, so you can't see them, or use some gold bond or odor-eaters foot powder in your shoes



      I ordered these last time from this UK website and love it.



        I wear some brogues, old and worn in with a pair of jeans. They look solid when worn casually with dark blue jeans.

        Try it, roll the bottom hem up, one turn, two turns, done.

        And then forget about it all, the rolls, the shoes, no socks. Just go about your day.

        P.S. These brogues also no longer have laces in them, I wear them laceless.



          I'm a fan of the No Show Footies that they sell at Journeys (yes, that Journeys that you find at every mall). $10 for 5 pair.

          They may not work for some loafers that are more open (they will probably end up show a little), but they work great with even very low cut sneakers



            Do you dry clean your clothes? If so, ask the shopkeep if they have a preferred powder/insole to use for going sockless.

            I don't like the no-show socks because I can still feel them even though I can't see them-- I like the feel of having bare feet tucked inside my casual shoes. I've been using a really comfortable isole that absorbs moisture and keeps odor in (works so far). $12 at Target.



              A shake of foot powder before and after I put my shoes on. I use a good shake when I put on my shoes to help absorb the sweat, and it feels much cleaner than sticking to leather all day.



                I put blocks of cedar in them every night. Feels great and smells great.



                  Gold bond medicated powder in a blue bottle. Dash of the powder and good to go all day long. Can't beat the sockless look and comfort in the summer.



                    foot powder is really all you need. I sprinkled some odor eaters foot powder into my boat shoes as i only wear those sockless and it works without fail

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                      How much foot powder do you use in your shoes when going barefoot. I'd be afraid of getting some on the outside of the shoes, or having puffs of powder come out with every step.



                        In regards to how much powder I use, I use a lot- probably two heavy shakes per shoe. Then I drop them on the ground, which helps distribute the powder, and then put them on. Any visible powder showing is easily wiped off with a towel.



                          I've found that with sockless shoes (like a pair of Sperrys or suede brogues), if you replace the insole with an aftermarket one, it gives you better cleaning options.

                          Since the insole is what usually smells bad, you can just take it out and wash/soak it by hand. A little baking soda or soapy water in the bare shoe and they're back to smelling good.