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Feeling Unclean — Am I Crazy?

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    Feeling Unclean — Am I Crazy?

    Ok. Basically, here is my dilemma. I wake up and shower in the morning. Get dressed, do my hair and all of that, and feel real clean and really good.

    Then I go out to school, and within hours I feel terribly dirty. I'm just not sure why. It could be that the building is too hot, or maybe that it is in fact dirty. I don't know.

    As a side note, and I don't mean to sound weird (and I do realize saying that makes whatever follows even weirder, but still...), so many girls/women always seem to look and smell so clean. It seems like all the time. I see guys give off the same appearance of uber-cleanliness from time to time as well. Is there some secret that I'm missing?

    I guess I'm just curious what you all have to say about the matter...

    As always, thanks in advance for your time and replies.


    Feeling dirty is intact different than being dirty. If u are dirty, well then ur the one to know.

    I shower daily, and never feel dirty all day while I'm in doors in a suit that I wear all day .

    Do u feel dirty when u look at urself, or merely a feeling that u get while being in ur class?



      @Tat I suppose it's more of just a feeling.



        I'm the same way. I think it's just how some people feel. I know I'm not dirty, I don't smell or anything, but within 5-6 hours of showering I always feel grimy. Therefore, I wash my face and brush my teeth at least twice a day outside of showering.



          You sound crazy.

          But seriously, don't worry about it. Trim your fingernails, wash your hair, use soap, don't go crazy with hair product (I don't use any) and you're fine.



            Read number 6.




              Can't comment on the psychology of feeling dirty but can relate in one realm. When I was in high school I would sweat even in the winter. It was a combination of an overheated building (good to see where my taxes go now) and the fact that once I started sweating I'd be paranoid of pit stains so I would keep my arms close to my body and naturally sweat even more #viscouscycle. At any rate, I felt really grimmy if I had even mildly sweat throughout the day. It never bothered me a second that I be soaked with sweat after football practice, but couldn't stand even a little while I was just sitting around in a classroom. I was fortunate I never stunk even after a full sweat and not quite sure how that varies between individuals but I'm getting off track.

              Cutting to the case, I started using Gillette clinical strength anti-perspirant/deodorant and have been beyond impressed with the results. It's almost scary because my pits stay dry even in the shower haha, soap takes it off no worries. Not sure if it is because my metabolism slowed down or if the stuff worked (as advertised) but I don't sweat any more even without putting it on.

              Can't say if it will help but just sharing an experience.



                My hands feel dirty really quick, even if they aren't really (just a paranoia about stair railings, doorknobs, etc. I guess). I wash my face twice a day and that is the biggest lift to my feeling of cleanliness. I also brush my teeth twice a day. I know what you mean, though.



                  If you want to feel refreshed... take a midday break in which you splash your face with cold water, and change your underwear and undershirt. Or, if this is impractical, do it when you get home from school.

                  The only downside is it may result in you having to buy more underwear and/or do laundry more frequently.




                    Thanks all. I've been washing my face once a day and that's been helping.

                    @Don M — Yes. You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I feel. My building is overheated, plus we are having an abnormally hot winter. On that note, I prefer Certain Dri.



                      While I dont feel my body is dirty, I do on occassion feel my face get oily (my office faces the sun almost all day long and the air conditioning sucks) and it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Check out this piece I found on


                      I know there are cheaper alternatives to those LAB wipes. Food for thought.